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Optional BankMobile Vibe Account for Student Refunds

It's time to activate your refund preference!

Your refund options include:

  1. Easy refund to the Optional BankMobile Vibe Account (fastest)
  2. ACH transfer to a third-party bank (fast)

You can learn more about this exciting new service at  and use your Personal Code to make your selection.

Q:  What are my options for receiving refund money?
A:  Electronic deposit to an existing bank account.
     Electronic deposit to a Optional BankMobile Vibe Account.

Q:  What is a BankMobile Vibe Account?
A:  The Optional BankMobile Vibe Account is one of your options for receiving refunds.  If you are interested in opening the Optional BankMobile Vibe Account and would like more information, please visit for account features and other details.

Q:  Where can I access free ATM withdrawals from my Optional BankMobile Vibe Account?
A:   Optional BankMobile Vibe Account holders have free ATM access at more than 43,000 Allpoint ATMs in the U.S.  Allpoint ATMs are commonly found in local retail stores frequented by our students.  To find the nearest Allpoint ATM location, visit or download the free Allpoint app.​

Page last updated: September 25, 2017