National Geography Standards| Geography Games

CIA World Factbook

Up to date collection of vital facts on countries of the world

National Geographic Society

Maps  Xpeditions
(lesson plans, activities, maps)

Library of Congress: American Memory
Teacher's Page

Great projects using primary source materials from the LOC

USGS Education Resources

National Atlas of the US

The National Map

Interactive Map Viewer

Topo Zone

Interactive USGS topo maps and aerial photos of the entire US

RI Digital Imagery Server

Statewide digital imagery available via the internet

On Earth by Jet Propulsion Lab

Among other things landsat images of the world are available

Microsoft Research Maps
Aerial photos and topographic maps of the US available at this site

World in Balance

Extensive site with educational resources on population and the environment

Multi-Cultural Calendar

Holidays from around the world organized by month

The Internet Geographer

A collection of web sites organized by topic. Primarily a teacher resource but includes geo games for students as well

Epodunk: the Power of Place

Searchable database which profiles 25,000+ communities around the world

Country Reports

Basic information about countries


United Nations site that allows you to view and compare country data

Lonely Planet

Loads of information about culture and travel around the world--lots of pictures

How Far is It?

Provides longitude and latitude of locations and calculates the distance between them

Geo-Images Project

1,000+ images available for use in geography instruction

Currency Converter

America's Roof

Links to highest places in US states and places around the world

African Voices

Africans talk about their lives and culture. Emphasis is on connections between Africa and America


Extensive site developed by PBS and NGS to support P PBS series on Africa

Ancient China

A well done site which includes sections on both geography and writing - from the British Museum


Easy-to-use tool for investigating U.S. demographic trends

Discovering Lewis and Clark

Extensive, high quality website detailing explorations of these American explorers


How Volcanoes Work

This informative site includes maps and photographs. More useful as a teacher than student resource.

Journey into Amazonia

Developed to support PBS series this site has information, interactive games and teacher resources

A Journey to a New Land

This site, about the peopling of America contains video files, photographs and simulations. Resources are divided by education level

Peace Corps World Wise Schools

This site offers many resources for educators and students. Connect with a volunteer, find lesson plans relating to different countries, view video clips and read folk tales recorded by Peace Corps volunteers

UN Cyberschoolbus

Activities, and lesson plans centered around the UN and world social concerns



An environmental information portal

Mountain Voices

A site which truly combines geography and literature. It documents the impact of mountain life on individuals through oral testimonies of residents

Six Paths to China

An excellent site which offers multiple avenues to learn about China

Teaching with Historic Places

These lessons, created by the National Park Service, use historic sites to explore American history. Lesson plans included

Windows to the Universe

Site with extensive resources about earth and space science. It is written at 3 reading levels to accommodate a wide range of readers. Many teacher resources

World's Greatest Places

Interactive site with video clips, photos and factual information about many of  world locations

Longitude and Latitude

NASA site. Connection between lat/long and time are explained. Lesson plans included

Earth and Moon Viewer

Allows you to see day and night portions of earth as well as other unique views

Stately Knowledge

Information about each of the 50 US states


Geography Game Sites

Trading Around the World
Interactive simulation and role playing activity

Interactive Geography Games
Scroll down for map puzzle games

A series of interactive geography games

GeoNet Game
Game categories aligned with 6 NGS essential
elements; includes both USA and world

Amazon Interactive

National Geographic Kid Geo Games

Fin Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation

Interactive site where students solve geography based missions

World Geography Games

Lots of different geography games