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Rhode Island Writing Project 2020 Summer Institute

July 6-24, 2020​​​

Summer 2019 Reflections 

This year’s Summer Institute followed up on the Spring Conference theme of “HeARTs in Action.” Our 5 participants and Returning Fellow Allie Donahue came from urban and rural schools from a variety of content areas including science, music, and special education. We spent our 3 weeks together reading, writing, and thinking critically about mindfulness practices through a social justice lens. We wrote about childhood memories, hard breakups, inequity in our schools, and the brilliance of our students. We took a field trip to see the moon at the Waterfire Arts Center, practiced meditation at the Providence Zen Center, and sought inspiration from the exotic flowers at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Garden. Here’s a peek at some writing that we did together this year:

- “It’s OK, You Can Teach for America” and “In the Time Just After” by Allie Donahue

- “A Note on Happiness” and “Journal, July 16” by Nora Pace​


A three week immersive professional development experience for teachers of all content areas who are committed to writing and the teaching of writing.

Summer Institute 2019 Summer Institute 2019

2020 Summer Institute Application Coming Soon!​​

conference imagesWhy Participate?

  • Learn new skills and practices for teaching writing;
  • Join a community of supportive, like-minded educators;
  • Draft and publish your own writing;
  • Earn a $300 stipend;
  • Become a RIWP Teacher Consultant and offer PD to colleagues at your school and around the state; and
  • Optional: Earn 3 graduate credits (EDC 540: Teaching of Writing; Practice and Inquiry, from RIC)


Nominate a colleague or apply now at​


Brittany Richer, Lawn School, Jamestown, 6th Grade ELA

Emmanuel Ramos, North Providence High School, English Department


Contact us at​


I have a renewed commitment to positioning my students as political actors and a renewed commitment to a focus on social/emotional learning. I feel deeply that teachers have the potential to make a student see him or herself as a powerful agent of change.

Through the folks I met at SI, I not only feel a stronger sense of community with rad local teachers, but I've started to really live and breathe the best version of myself, while also approaching my areas for improvement in a growth mindset light... I can't thank RIWP enough for getting me amped while also providing a safety net of support beyond the walls of my new school.

I feel an urgency that I haven't felt in a long time - a need to disrupt any narrative that oppresses. There is no solid line between personal, professional, or political anymore. I feel energized by the pedagogy and the practical teaching ideas I found at RIWPSI!

I feel as if attending the RIWP SI has opened my eyes and re-energized me just in time for this new school year. Not only was I able to experience the power of writing and sharing within a trusted community of learners, but I was also able to tie certain aspects of my personal, professional, and political life together. I can't wait to bring this feeling and help build a community for my seventh grade learners this year as they discover new things about themselves through my class and the writing that we will do.​​​​

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