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Summer Writing Camp
July 6 - July 17

All daily activities are available here starting Monday, July 6: Check this link for information on how to participate in the synchronous Friday sessions.

Youth Writing Camp Summer 2018 Youth Writing Camp Summer 2018 Youth Writing Camp Summer 2018 Youth Writing Camp Summer 2018

Summer 2020 Reflections

RIWP confirmed its dedication to providing writing options and inspiration for students by offering its first ever online version of our annual camp. We developed a website dedicated to inspiring students with a range of activities. During the scheduled weeks, students who accessed the website were provided with several writing prompts to inspire them to write and spark their creativity, as well as multiple short video writing lessons produced by RIWP teachers that explained engaging writing activities and techniques to enhance their writing ability. The week was capped off with Zoom conferences that allowed students to receive and share feedback on their writing from the week. While nothing can replace the in-person experience of Summer Writing Camp, the 2020 online version successfully bridged the gap between the pandemic summer of 2020 and what we hope is a return to in-person learning in summer 2021! More details on process and engagement.”

Camp features include:​

  • Writing exercises designed to jumpstart thinking and improve each writer’s craft
  • Exploration of the work of published authors to use as models in a variety of genres
  • Freedom to explore individual writing interests
  • Opportunities to collaborate with instructors and peers and to receive constructive feedback for revision
  • A space for students to see themselves as writers with individual voices

At the end of the program, each participant will publish a self-selected piece in a compilation of student writing. All students will receive a copy of their group’s anthology.​​

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RIWP Parent Feedback

My son looked forward to camp every day. He never once "didn't want to go". I believe that is because each day he had fun, learned, was included in all activities and was proud of his work. We will be back next year!

What was most important to me is that my kids woke up each day and looked forward to going. They had to get up at 7:30 for two weeks and there was never a morning of complaining or grumbling. Once you set up an environment in which kids actively want to participate, the growth (be it academic, creative, or social) will happen.

As a reluctant writer, my son was not initially excited for this camp. Happily, it turned out to be “surprisingly good!” Fun counselors, amiable co-participants and a safe creative outlet. Thanks!!!

The camp turned out to be, by a very considerable margin, my daughter’s very best summer experience ever! The camp succeeded not only in teaching its students about many dimensions of the writing process but also in establishing a bond buoyed by trust that never wavered.

Student Feedback

It is a very relaxed environment and you do different things everyday.

For anyone who loves writing but hasn’t done this camp, it is worth it!​​

Page last updated: October 13, 2020