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What people are saying about The Rhode Island Writing Project:

"So many professional development situations seem to be run by people who have no idea what life in a classroom is like. I value the sense of support and validation here for the practices I already use and the practices I want to try. As teachers, we rarely feel any support from anyone."

"How wonderful it is to know that there is such a network of so many other teachers who truly care, and are dedicated to being better teachers by sharing their experiences and ideas with others."

"I've learned a multitude of procedures and activities to try in my classes. I've practiced activities here that I will use to entice my students to books and to involve them in "secondary worlds," thank you!"

"The Writing Project reinforced my goals as an educator: to provide the environment, the stimulation, the encouragement, and the invitation to explore and discover."

"I enjoyed the immersion aspect. We practiced what we preached which solidified the learning process. It became the practice rather than just the theory."

"I liked walking in my students shoes and seeing different styles of teaching. As a new teacher, I'm still trying to find my style. I loved learning from all the bright minds in the room. The sharing of best practices is both practical and inspirational."

Page last updated: September 7, 2007