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RI MTSS is using a multi-faceted approach to providing schools and districts across the state with training and technical assistance. Utilizing both face-to-face and online trainings as well as hands-on technical assistance, support is given to improving Tier 1 (Universal "Core" Curriculum), followed by support for Tier 2 (targeted Intervention for some students) and Tier 3 (Intensive Intervention for few students).

RIMTSS Training:
Tier 3: Tertiary, Intensive Interventions
Examining and Managing Individual Supports
Wraparound Supports

Tier 2: Secondary, Targeted Interventions
Established Processes for Determining Intervention Needs
Implementing Interventions with Fidelity

Tier 1: Universal Screening, Benchmarking, and Progress Monitoring
Using School-Wide and Early Warning Data to Examine Core
High Quality Instructions for Behavior and Academics
Building a Preventative Model
Data-Based Decision Making

It is anticipated that schools will receive training and technical assistance on Tier 1 in the first year of participation and will spent Years 2 and 3 focusing on Tiers 2 and 3 respectively. However, because the strength of the Universal "Core" Curriculum is so important and building a foundation for both behavior and academics takes time, RIMTSS may spend more than one year developing strong universal supports for participating schools, and will adjust training and technical assistance for Years 2 and 3 accordingly.
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