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What is the College of Employment Services?

The College of Employment Services (CES) offers courses built around a nationally recognized set of competencies from the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE). The courses support staff by providing guidance on finding and maintaining meaningful employment.

The CES Course Catalog includes courses on:
To download the course catalog and view descriptions of the courses listed here, visit the DirectCourse Course eCatalog website.

College of Employment Services in Rhode Island

The Sherlock Center at Rhode Island College, in collaboration with the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at UMass Boston, is delivering the state's first blended learning opportunity for supporting meaningful employment. Using online content from the College of Employment Services in tandem with coaching, field work, assignments, and webinars, learners will earn an ACRE certification upon completion.

Learners will be assigned a coach from outside of their agency and will be supported in their completion of the online coursework, fieldwork assignments, and webinars. The course will include approximately 50 hours of online coursework, 3 hours of webinars, and nine fieldwork assignments.

Download the CES ACRE Certification Course Description 16 kb WORD

Fieldwork Assignments for CES ACRE Certification

Throughout the CES ACRE Certification coursework, learners will complete nine fieldwork assignments as described in the course description (cescoursedesc.doxc) and the fieldwork guide (cesfieldworkguide.docx). The resources needed to complete each assignment are available for download from the side column.

Assignment 1
Assessment Tool for Career Planning
44 kb PDF
Finding the Right Job
19 kb WORD
Interest and Experience Inventory
18 kb WORD
Assignment 2
Vocational Profile
35 kb PDF
Assignment 3
Chronological Resume Sample 58 kb PDF
Combination Resume Sample 44 kb PDF
Functional Resume Sample
84 kb PDF
Assignment 4
Placement Plan
35 kb PDF
Assignment 5
Employment Goals
23 kb PDF
Networking Log
145 kb PDF
Profile Sample
47 kb PDF
Questions to Ask Employers
59 kb WORD
Assignment 6
Business Outreach Sheet
36 kb WORD
Job Task Sheet
35 kb WORD
Assignment 7
Task Analysis Recording Sheet - Blank Template
16 kb WORD
Task Analysis Recording Sheet - Example
17 kb WORD
Assignment 8
Job Aid vs Training Analysis Worksheet
63 kb WORD
Assignment 9
Workplace Culture Survey
141 kb PDF
Registering Learners for CES ACRE Certification

The Sherlock Center for Disabilities is currently running the CES ACRE Certification. If you are interested in learning more and/or registering learners from your agency for a future CES ACRE Certification opportunity, please contact Tony Antosh.

All CES ACRE coursework is due July 31, 2017.

In-Person Training Opportunities

Additionally, the Sherlock Center on Disabilities offers an in-person ACRE certification training series, as well as various "mini-series" to focus on a single skill area. To learn more about this program and current offerings, visit the Supporting Meaningful Employment webpage.
DirectCourse Contacts

Register Learners for CES ACRE Certification
Tony Antosh, Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

Register Learners for DSP Certification
Tony Antosh, Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

Donna Martin, Community Provider Network of Rhode Island

Add and/or Update Learners
Lindsay Scarpaci, Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

Staff of Self-Directed Account Creation
Lindsay Scarpaci, Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

Purchase a Facility
Olivia Sullivan, Elsevier/DirectCourse

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