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RI Services to Children and Youth with Dual Sensory Impairments (DSI Project)

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We do not endorse or are compenstated for any app listed below. Some are free, the ones that are starred (*) have a charge associated with them. We try our best to keep the list current.

Apps for Phase I, beginning Phase II
Tap-n-See Zoo:
Moving animal (one at a time), when touched the animal becomes bigger. Background is black. Can change the single color of the animal
Draw with Stars!
Draw with stars on a black background
iTunes Android
I Love Fireworks:
Combines the lights and sounds of fireworks when screen is touched
iTunes* Android
Art of Glow:
Draw with colorful, animated glow particles on a black background. (can change speed; slower is best. Do not use with children who have seizures)
iTunes Android
Sparkabilities Babies 1 HD:
Engaging movies or flashcards entertain and develop essential learning skills.
iTunes* Android
Peekaboo Barn:
Farm animals make different sounds inside the bouncing red barn. Tap the doors to find out who is inside!
iTunes* Android*
Awesome Xylophone:
Xylophone only, touch and play xylophone
Xylophone, drums, etc.
Touch the screen and bubbles appear
iTunes* Android
Drawing Pad:
Draw with colorful pencils, markers, paintbrushes or crayons.
iTunes* Android*
Preschool Games-Farm Animals By Touch:
Colorful animals are displayed and played with by touching or sliding anywhere on the screen
iTunes Android*
Apps for high Phase II, Phase III:
Color SlapPs:
Touch named color ;
The Wheels on the Bus:
Based on popular songs and are interactive
iTunes* Android*
Itsy Bitsy Spider:
Based on popular songs and are interactive
iTunes* Android*
Look Baby!
Four interactive toys allow your child to explore by touch, shaking or auto-play.
iTunes* Android*
Interactive Alphabet ABC Flash Cards:
Each letter is a unique interactive toy. It is not visually cluttered.
iTunes* Android
Elmo Loves (heart) ABC's:
Video of Elmo, very interactive with many screen steps
iTunes* Android
Classic Nursery Rhymes:
Featuring Humpty Dumpty Interactive book
Letter School:
Tracing letters with great graphics
iTunes* Android
Build It Up:
Stacking toys, interactive
iTunes Android
See Touch Learn:
Farm animals, etc. (names item from array of 3-6 and child has to touch correct item)
Vocal Zoo:
Large photos of animals that makes animal noise when touched
iTunes Android
Match It Up 1&2:
Colors, shapes, toys that match (Shows one color, etc. in middle and an array of colors, etc. surrounding. Child must drag matching color, etc. to one in center.
iTunes Android
Grasshopper Aps: I Like Books
(37 books such as I Like Colors, I Like Fall, I like Dogs) Photos which are more complex
Elmo's Monster Maker:
Make your own monster and then Elmo will dance and play with him!
iTunes* Android*
Talking Tom:
An animated cat that repeats whatever it hears using a modified voice and other sound effects
iTunes Android
Tap to Talk:
Turns your device into an ACC (free to try/download, costs afterwards).
iTunes* Android*
CVI Apps:
Tap Speak (TS) button:
Allows you to record messages that the person plays back by touching red buttons on the display (like a Big Mac)
LED Light Box:
Can be used as a light box on the go!
iTunes* Android

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