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Structured Activity Samples

ASD Toddler Initiative

Below are structured activity samples that you may find helpful in your work with young learners. Double click on a picture for full view. Right click on a picture to print, save or email (directions and options may vary depending on the device you are using). Click here to download an 11 MB PDF with all the Structured Activity Samples presented on this page

1 2 3 Bears In 1 2 3 Bins 1 2 3 Matching Barney Shopping Blue Yellow In
Blue Yellow In Clear Piggybank Coin In Slot vs. Square Collection Box Color Bears Matching Tray
Color Sort on Pegs Color Pegs Conversation Strips Cottonball Penguin Nest Counting Puzzle
Elmo In First Then Flashlight Parts Folder Activity Dora Folder Activity Thomas
Folder Activity Thomas Follow the Path Follow the Stripe Lego Match Pattern Let's Talk About Jar

Letter Spider Web Lilly Pad Frogs Limited Choice Sort Limited Coin Slot Match Colored Clips
Measuring Play Doh Organization Organization Bins Penguin Color Sort Picture Scheduler
Picture Emotions Picture Choices Picture Choices Round vs. Flat In Shape Matching
Soft Domino Cubes Sort By Color Sorting Bears Sorting Bears in Cups Sorting Chips
Sorting Ice Cube Tray String the Blocks Super Hero in Box Velcro Addition Velcro Balls in Jars
Velcro Jar Where's Spot Who Flies Like Superman Whose Chair Work to Do Finished

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