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Adaptive Literature and Lessons

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Adapted Lessons

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Earth Science Lessons

PowerPoint: Accessing the General Curriculum: Integrated Science Units 6.18 MB (PPT)
This PowerPoint provides examples of Science curriculum modification to meet the needs of learners at different levels of functioning. It considers students with significant cognitive learning needs, in addition to learners with physical, hearing and/or vision impairment.

Student Worksheets:
Examples of science materials are provided for students at different levels of functioning. Worksheets document student involvement in the Inquiry Process and/or Science Knowledge.

Use observations and data collection tools to describe daily weather
Comparing Rocks and Minerals
ESS 1.1.4
Compare different rocks and minerals to each other using their physical properties

Describing Rocks and Minerals
Describing Rocks and Minerals Using Two or More Physical Properties
Describe some changes on the earth
Identify the relatively fast changes to Earth's surface

Moon and Constellations/Stars
Identify the moon
ESS 2.1.2b
Identify the changes in the moon's appearance
ESS 2.1.2c
Compare the daily times the moon becomes visible throughout the year

Seasons Sun's Positions Throughout the Day
Identify the sun's position as it changes throughout the day (e.g. sunrise, noon, sunset)
Uses of 4 Basic Earth Materials
Identify the uses of the four basic earth materials (i.e., water, soil, rocks and air) Volcanoes
ESS 1.2.4a
Identify relatively fast changes to the Earth's surface (e.g. volcano erupts)
Water Cycle Water Water Water
Other Adapted Earth Science Lessons
Available Formats
Describing Rocks

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