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Suggested Websites for Pre-School/Kindergarten Resources

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LiveBinders is your 3-ring binder for the Web. Collect and organize resources. It is free.

Mrs. Critchell's Kindergarten is a wonderful classroom site. She provides month by month resource ideas, art projects, suggested books to read, books to make and a lot more. I'm amazed at the time she spent creating this site to share with other teachers.

Preschool Express is an on-line educational activity resource for parents, teachers and grandparents of preschool children designed and totally owned by Jean Warren. This site has patterns, themes, songs, learning games and much, much more!

Silly Books produces submitted children into animated books, complete with voices, music and sound effects for all to enjoy. They have cash prizes for the winning authors. SillyBooks is an animated world of free reading, writing and learning fun for kids.

Stern Center for Language and Learning's BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY®
BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY®, a research-proven program for parents and early care/education providers to help prepare children for literacy success. This free on-line 12-hour course provides adults with a toolbox of enjoyable activities to build a solid foundation for children to succeed at reading once they enter school. Studies have shown that this kind of preparation can help decrease the number of children at-risk for reading failure. In addition to the free 12-hour course, the BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® to scale project will include a free interactive website for parents and a three-credit undergraduate course.

The Pre-School Zone is from Montgomery Public Schools. Here you can find great resources like Unit Lessons Plans, Articles and Technology that are contributed by teachers.


Fisher-Price has 36 free online games and activities to play with a child.

Sesame Street has a wide variety of activities, games.

The Literacy Center Education Network has games for ABC's, shapes, writing, keyboarding, number and colors. It is available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

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