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RI Outcome Surveys

MH Employment Outcomes Survey DD Employment and Day Activities Outcomes Survey Adult Quality of Life Survey
MH CSP Employment Survey Link Survey Data Entry Link Quality of Life Survey Link
28.5 kb (PDF)
Survey and Instructions
558 kb (PDF)
Quality of Life Survey Log
Answer Sheet
26.5 kb (PDF)
Survey Answer Sheet
90 kb (PDF)
Data Collection Tool
406 kb (PDF)
Survey Support Survey Support Survey Support
Agency Support
18.5 kb (PDF)
Agency Support
18.5 kb (PDF)
Quality of Life Survey - Print Copy
26 kb
Orientation Materials
3.4 MB (PDF)
Orientation Materials
PowerPoint 1.8 MB (PDF) | Handout 542 kb (PDF)
Activity Log - Print Copy
36 kb
  New Consumer Form
351 kb (PDF)
2014 Statewide Data Narrative Brief 415 kb (PDF)
415 kb (PDF)
2013 Statewide Data Narrative Brief 1.5 MB (PDF)
1.5 MB (PDF)
2012 Statewide Data Narrative Brief 625 kb (PDF)
625 kb (PDF)
2011 Statewide Data Narrative Brief 444 kb (PDF)
444 kb (PDF)
2013 Statewide Data Narrative Brief 2.0 MB (PDF)
2.0 MB (PDF)
2012 Statewide Data Narrative Brief 988 kb (PDF)
989 kb (PDF)
DD Youth Report 530 kb (PDF)
530 kb (PDF)
2011 Statewide Data Narrative Brief 610 kb (PDF)
610 kb (PDF)

Note: If you need assistance with Survey Passwords or Survey IDs, go to the primary contact identified for your organization on the Agency Support list.
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