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Unit #5: Universal Design Approach: Forms of Government-How are Decisions Made?

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Content Area: Social Studies & Literacy
Grade Level: Sixth Grade - Middle School
School: Ferri Middle School, Johnston Public Schools, Dr. Jean Fargnoli, Former Principal
Authors: Antoinette Favazza, Middle & Secondary (adolescent) Education, University of Rhode Island, Lou Alviano, Social Studies educator, Carol Pitassi, Special educator

Description: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the differences in decision making among particular forms of government in relation to five key concepts: democracy, monarchy, tyranny, oligarchy and republic. They will orally demonstrate their understanding of the differences among particular forms of government. They will view video clips using 21st century teleconferences to determine which five forms of government are represented through the decision-making processes depicted. They will conduct interviews on government preferences and will chart the results. Using graphic organizers (Venn diagram), students will identify, compare and contrast forms of government. They will demonstrate an understanding of selected key elements of a democratic society, and will apply knowledge and skills learned to depict the process by which Athens transformed herself into the world's first democracy.

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