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5 Minute English- This site has been designed to provide short and easy explanations and exercises on English Grammer. Explore ESL Lessons on grammar,reading,vocabulary,listening,pronunciation and slang/idioms. You can also find answers to questions your student's have had about confusing things in English under the Question and Answer section. Download the "Punctuation Quick Sheet" for examples of how to use the most commonly used punctuations: period, comma, colon, semicolon, apostrophe, question mark, exclamation mark, dash, hyphen, and parentheses.

Grammar and Punctuation Glossary - provides grammar and punctuation glossary; each term links to further descriptions and examples of each part of speech/punctuation. The site is sponsored by Accredited Online College

Adapted Pencils to Computers: A Way of Improving Writing (PDF) A publication by John Hopkins University Center for Technology Education designed to help classroom teachers and others understand the physical sensory and cognitive factors that impact writing performance. Also included is a handy problem and strategies checklist.

Simple Solution for Grasping Simple, inexpensive solutions to grasping everyday objects.

Family Guide to Assistive Technology, prepared by Parents Lets Unite for Kids Overall AT info. Included are case studies of children with disabilities and how assistive technology discussions were made, a Q&A section, a glossary of AT terms, and more.

Clicker A powerful, yet easy-to-use writing and multimedia tool. Clicker enables students to write with whole words, phrases, and pictures. The package includes Clicker Writer, a talking word and picture processor. Students' writing can be supported by pictures displayed above the words, and the text can be spoken. Clicker grids support students writing with instant; on-screen access to words, pictures, and sounds. Students needing help to read a word can listen to it before they write it. If you don't want to create activities yourself, there is a huge range of ready-made materials available, including hundreds of free materials on the Clicker Grids for Learning website and others. This site is free!

Guide to Grammar and Writing Sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation and geared primarily towards secondary students, this site contains a comprehensive guide to grammar and writing. You can sort by types of compositions, word, sentence, paragraph, essay, research paper levels, tools, and more.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling - Brought to you by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab: *These websites are provided for information only. The Sherlock Center does not endorse these websites and is not responsible for the materials/subscriptions purchased.
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