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Unit #10: Universal Design Approach: Persuasive Writing & Real World Adolescent Issues

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Content Area: English/Language Arts & Literacy
Grade Level: Eighth Grade - Middle School
School: Curtis Corner Middle School, South Kingstown Public Schools, Michele Hambyrd, Principal leader
Authors: Antoinette Favazza, Middle & secondary (adolescent) Education, University of Rhode Island, Colleen Crawley, South Kingstown, Karen Discuillo, South Kingstown

A persuasive writing unit is a required part of the 8th grade writing curriculum. The unit is comprised of the following five different lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Identifying Persuasive Techniques
    Techniques include attention getting, confidence building, desire-stimulating, urgency-stressing, and response-seeking.
  • Lessons 2 & 3: Writing Persuasive Paragraphs
    A teacher-facilitated web will be used to organize a persuasive paragraph. Students will then create their own webs on a school-based topic of their choice, with the principal as the audience. The students will share their webs with a partner to be sure that their 3 main points are valid and appropriate.
  • Lessons 4 & 5: Developing and Presenting a Persuasive Argument
    Students will develop a second persuasive argument on a different topic and present it to a parent/guardian, connecting concepts to real-life situations on an individual topic with the parent-guardian as the audience.
Lessons 2, 3, 4, & 5 connect persuasive writing techniques with application to real- life/world situations that may result in real-life impact.

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