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Unit #3: Universal Design Approach: Compare and Contrast Biography and Autobiography - Focus: Geronimo

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Content Area: Literacy & Social Studies
Grade Level: Sixth grade - Middle School
School: Curtis Corner Middle School, South Kingstown Public Schools Michele Hambryd, Principal leader
Authors: Antionette Favazza, Middle & Secondary (adolescent) Education, University of Rhode Island, Audrey Desmarais, CCMS, Special educator, Melissa Dushi, CCMS, Mathematics educator

Description: The unit will focus on the autobiography and biography of Geronimo to meet standard R-6-7.5 (identifying the characteristics of a variety of types of text). In order to assist in keeping the students' exposure to different genres of literature broad, this unit allows students to explore both genres of fiction and non-fiction. The essential questions students will answer at the end of the Geronimo unit are:
  1. What are some of the distinct characteristics of an autobiography over and above that the author is the subject?
  2. How does the author's point of view and motivation affect the historical and factual accuracy?
  3. As an informational text, are multiple references used and was research conducted?
  4. While reading an autobiography, can the reader cite text-based evidence examples and non-examples of the above questions from the text?
  5. What are the similarities & differences when reading fiction and non-fiction text?

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