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Unit #8: Making Prediction with Graphs

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Content Area: Mathematics - Algebra 2
Grade Level: High School
School: The MET School, Providence, RI
Authors: Marie Lynch, Special Education, Rhode Island College, Courtney Jacobs, The MET School, Providence, Tim Sermak, The MET School, Providence

Description: These are two lessons which are part of a two quarter pre-algebra unit using the Overland Trail as a context for the math problems and challenges. In the days before these lessons, students were introduced to creating "rules" to use variables to describe situations. They also practices solving equations ("rules") to create graphs that described mathematical situations.
  • Day 1: Students review the concepts o plugging numbers into an equation to create a graph. They are also introduced to the concept of a line of best fit and asked to use their line of best fit to make predictions about unknown data.
  • Day 2: Students brainstorm ways that graphing data and determining a line of best fit might be useful at their internships. They use real world data about rice production to create a graph and line of best fit using EXCEL. Finally, they use these graphs to make predictions about the future.

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