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​Graduate Assistantship in Simulation

Graduate Assistantship in Simulation Graduate nursing students awarded simulation assistantships are notified by the Chair of the SON Graduate Department. Once assigned to simulation, GA’s will participate in a structured orientation led by the Simulation Director. The graduate assistantship in simulation (GA) requires 5 (half-time) or 10 (full-time) hours worked per week. Orientation includes a ‘workshop style day’ with training in simulation methodology, simulation design and debriefing strategies. Manikin use and maintenance is also introduced. Simulation center tours are held at 2 campus locations: RICSON-North Providence and Rhode Island Nursing Education Center/RINEC-Downtown Providence. Students eligible for application are nursing students matriculated in the MSN or DNP programs at RIC, enrolled in a least six credits but no more than 9 credits of coursework. If you are interested in applying for a graduate assistantship in simulation, contact the Graduate Department Chair at RICSON.

Roles and Responsibilities

​For more about the roles and reponsibilities of the ​Graduate Assistantship in Simulation, review this document​.

Page last updated: August 25, 2020