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The Social and Human Service Certificate program provides the theoretical knowledge, values, and skills needed for entry-level positions in human services. In addition to taking courses, students participate in a required 100 hour or more fieldwork experience in one of the program's approved human services agencies.

Social and Human Service Assistance C.U.S. Course Requirements

Retention Requirements

  1. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 at the college level and a minimum GPA of 2.67 in all 300-level social work courses. No student will be allowed to enter a senior year field placement (Social Work 436) if their GPA falls below these standards.
  2. Students who receive a grade of C- or less in any required social work course must retake that course and receive at least a grade of C in order to proceed in the major. Students who receive a C- or less twice in the same course, will be dismissed from the major.
  3. Students who receive an F in any required social work course or a C- or less in any two required social work courses will be dismissed from the major.


Students enroll in fieldwork, usually during the second semester for full-time students. Students complete 100 hours of field placement experience, as well as take part in an integrative seminar class to discuss their experience and integrate their learning from previous and current coursework. Field placement agencies vary and can be selected to reflect a student's interest in future human service work.​

Page last updated: May 02, 2017