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Sue Pearlmutter

Guardo Hall (GH)
(401) 456-8042

Academic Background

DeanOctober 2010 to present
Interim DeanApril 2008 to October 2010
Professor and MSW Department ChairJuly 2007 to April 2008
Associate ProfessorJuly 2004 to June 2007
Ph.D. University of KansasAugust 1996
MSW University of Kansas School of Social WorkMay 1980
BA Boston University, SociologyMay 1965

Courses Taught

SWRK 609 Adv Professional Develop I
SWRK 610 Adv Professional Develop II
SWRK 614 Advanced Policy Practice
SWRK 615 Leadership for Progressive Chg
SWRK 642 Integrative Project
SWRK 645 Needs Assessment & Program Evaluation I
SWRK 680 Workshop:

Currently Teaching

policy, research, field seminar, integrative project

Areas of Expertise

public systems social services, leadership and management, child care, welfare and welfare reform, program evaluation and research methods

Areas of Interest

One of my interests lies in organizations and in how they function. I teach social policy, the school’s integrative project course, and data analysis. My interests are varied. They include a longstanding need to understand about organizations in the public sector and the ways they affect staff and program participants. I want to understand how employees in public social service organizations behave and feel when change occurs. I want to know how these systems and changes in policy, structure, and programs affect clients and their families. I also am very interested in issues of diversity. In particular, I want to understand how people in our culture learn about different-ness, how we perceive it, and how we deal with it. My particular interest in different-ness relates to the ways in which our culture deals with sexual orientation. More specifically, I want to understand how we view lesbians as well as how lesbians manage in the dominant culture.


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Community Service

  • Treasurer, Society for Social Work and Research, 2004 – present.
  • Program Chair, Annual Conference of the National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics, 1998 – 1999, 2002-2003.
  • Board Member, National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics, 1998 - 2004.
  • Board member and chair, Program committee, Heights Parent Center (1998 – 2002).
  • Consultant to the Board of Directors, Human Rights Project (1991 - 1994).
  • Vice-president, Board of Directors, Good Samaritan Project (1990 - 1992).
  • President, Agency Executives Association of Greater Kansas City (1987 - 1989).​

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