Important Field Dates 2013-2014

Note: Calendar subject to change.
Dates applicable to Social Work students appear in bold.

Fall 2013


29 Thursday MSW student orientation 4:00 p.m. Main Faculty Dining Room/Faculty Center


02 Monday Labor Day (College closed)
03 Tuesday MSW Field placements begin
09 Monday BSW field placements begin
16 Tuesday Last day for adding or dropping courses
30 Monday BSW draft learning contract due this week


07 Monday Draft of MSW Learning Contract due this week
14 Monday Columbus Day (College Closed)
16 Wednesday Monday classes meet
25 Friday BSW Application due by 3:30
28 Monday Spring registration for degree candidates begins


01 Friday Last day to withdraw from classes without permission
04 Monday Final MSW Learning Contract due this week
11 Monday Veteran's Day (College Closed)
12 Tuesday Monday classes meet
28 Thursday Thanksgiving recess begins


02 Monday Classes and Field placement resume
09 Monday Fall Field Evaluation due this week(MSW/BSW)
13 Friday Fall Field placement ends
14 Saturday Fall classes and field placements end
25 Wednesday Christmas Day college closed
27 Friday Admissions meeting (BSW)
30 Monday Early spring classes start

Spring 2014


01 Wednesday New Year’s Day (College closed)
06 Monday Field placement resumes this week
17 Friday Early spring classes end
20 Monday Martin Luther King Day (College closed)
21 Tuesday Spring classes begin
27 Monday BSW Learning Contract Addendum due this week
29 Wednesday BSW Junior Field Orientation
29 Wednesday BSW Junior Field placements begin this week


03 Monday MSW addendum to Field Contract due this week
03 Monday Last day for adding or dropping courses
24 Wednesday Summer registration begins for degree candidates


10 Monday Spring recess begins (no classes or field)
17 Monday Classes and Field resume
28 Friday Last day for withdrawing from classes
31 Monday Fall registration begins


25 Friday MSW Spring Field Evaluations due to faculty
25 Friday Spring Field placement ends
28 Monday BSW Spring Field Evaluation due to faculty
30 Wednesday BSW Cap and Gown Convocation


05 Monday Spring semester classes end
13 Tuesday Grades due by 4p.m. for degree recipients
14 Wednesday All other grades due by 4:00 p.m.
15 Thursday MSW Commencement
17 Saturday BSW Commencement
19 Monday Summer Session I begins
26 Monday Memorial Day (College closed)


27 Friday Summer Session I ends
30 Monday Summer Session II begins


04 Friday Independence Day (College closed)


08 Friday Summer Session II ends
11 Monday Victory Day (College closed)

* To be used only if so designated by college administration. If it is, faculty members may choose to schedule a class/exam on this day and will notify their students accordingly.

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Page last updated: August 14, 2013