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Frequently Asked Questions

If I Need Some Help, Where Can I Locate My Advisor?

Every Sociology and/or Justice Studies major is assigned a faculty advisor. Your advisor is noted on your MyRIC account. MyRIC is the College's web-based administrative system that gives you access to your adviser, transcript, class schedule, room assignment, and more. Access the system with the username and password provided to you by MIS via the college's home page, Online Services (upper right of home page). You can access the system on or off campus.

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How Often Should I See My Advisor?

Rhode Island College has implemented Universal Advising to ensure that our students follow a logical pathway toward timely graduation. Advising is mandatory for all undergraduate degree candidates at RIC. The Records Office places a universal advising hold (UAD) via a service indicator symbol on each student's record prior to the registration period for the fall and spring semesters (not required for summer registration).

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Is there a required sequence for sociology courses?

Yes, students begin the sequence by taking any 200-level sociology course. These courses provide an introduction to the concepts and methods of sociology through the study of a particular content area. Majors then take Sociology 300, Sociology 302, Sociology 400, Sociology 404 as well as other 300-level or 400-level Sociology courses, Sociology 460 (Senior Seminar) should be taken last. You will be enrolled in Soc 460 after you have completed Sociology 300, 302, 400, and 404.

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If I Am Interested In Doing An Independent Study, How Do I Go About Arranging This?

Talk with the faculty member with whom you would like to work on an independent study. If the faculty member is agreeable and has an hour that they could add to their schedule, go to the department chair and see if arrangements can be made. If clearance is obtained from the chair and from the Dean of Arts and Sciences, a form will be completed and forwarded to the Dean for official approval.

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What If I Am Interested In Doing Honors In Sociology Or Justice Studies?

First bring a copy of your transcript to the department chair of Sociology or the director of Justice Studies to determine if you are eligible. You will then be directed to find a faculty member willing to work with you on a project and help you develop a proposal for an independent study that will be submitted for approval by the Sociology Chair/Justice Studies Director and the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The deadline for the proposal is typically in the 10th week of the semester preceding when you will begin your project. You would be registering for the next two semesters in the independent study courses for Honors in Sociology (Sociology 491/492H) or for the independent study courses in Justice Studies (Justice Studies 491/492H), depending on your major. In addition to producing a paper deemed worthy of Honors designation, you would be expected to defend/discuss your paper before the department's Honors Committee.

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I Am Transferring From Another School And I Want To Find Out What Courses I Took There Will Count For Which Courses In The Sociology Or Justice Studies Major?

Obtain a copy of your transcript showing how the courses were counted toward courses at RIC. Then talk to the department chair of Sociology or director of Justice Studies to see if the counting was accurate as far as the department is concerned. The department chair of Sociology or director of Justice Studies can use the course substitution form to see that a course is properly transferred. If you transferred from either URI or CCRI, you can review the Transfer Guide ( for more information on how your courses transfer. More specific information for sociology and justice studies majors is available on this website​.

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If I Take Math 240 - Statistical Methods I To Meet My General Education Requirement In Math, Can I Also Count It Toward My Cognate Statistics Requirement In The Sociology Major?

Yes, Math 240 does meet both a General Education Requirement and the cognate requirement for the Sociology major..

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Are There Special Awards Given By The Department To Outstanding Students?

The Sociology Department selects an outstanding graduating Sociology major each year for the Whitman Award; the Justice Studies Program selects an outstanding graduating Justice Studies major each year for the Mary Ann Hawkes Award; the Gerontology Program selects each year an outstanding gerontology student, who has completed the program, for the Harold Sweet Award. Details on eligibility and deadlines for applications are available in the department lounge and will be circulated in courses throughout the year.

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What can I do with a degree in sociology or justice studies?

Many students are curious about what to do with a sociology or justice studies degree. It may be interesting to know that these disciplines lend themselves to a wide variety of career choices where use of the sociological imagination, critical thinking and research skills, and solid writing skills allow students to excel in their chosen field. B.A. graduates in sociology nationwide pursue a wide range of occupations -- see  for a nationwide breakdown. Among the jobs and positions held by recent RIC sociology graduates are program manager for the City of Providence, teacher, market research project manager, advertising account executive, director of human resources, sociology PhD candidate, and law clerk. Among the jobs and positions held by recent justice studies graduates are litigation coordinator, police officer, research specialist, paralegal, JD candidate, residential counselor, case investigator, brokerage services representative, security officer, teacher, development coordinator, policy director, project coordinator, and case worker.

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Page last updated: August 23, 2017