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Sadhana Bery

Gaige Hall (010)
(401) 456-9035

Academic Background

Sadhana Bery is Assistant Professor of Sociology. She received her doctorate from Brandeis University. She has been teaching for several years, most recently at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and Harvard University. Her research and teaching interests are centered on critical race theory, critical studies of white supremacy and whiteness, Black feminism, hauntology and the making of memories and amnesias of social violence with a focus on the afterlife of slavery across the circum-Atlantic, indigeneity and blackness. She also teaches courses on race and justice, that serve the justice studies program. Her work is interdisciplinary in its orientation, theories, and methodologies.

Dr. Bery has published on white supremacy, the reproduction of whiteness in white reenactments of slavery, the ethics of teaching slavery and the entrapments of racial thinking. Her current projects include the relations between indigeneity and blackness and their visions of social justice, haunting in the continuing afterlife of slavery, habits of slavery and colonization in white re/productions and re/visitings of past and continuing social violences, and diasporic studies.

Courses Taught

AFRI 410 Seminar in Comparative Race Relations
SOC 207 Crime & Criminal Justice
SOC 208 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOC 344 Race and Justice

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