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Inclusive Excellence

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3.2-Campus Climate

Over the past several years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the demographics of our undergraduate student body. The entire RIC community benefits from a community comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability. RIC's teaching and learning enterprise will encourage opportunities to understand ourselves and our communities within diverse contexts.  Applying the principles and practices of inclusive excellence will support the continuous development of a welcoming campus culture that values safety and stimulates critical thinking.

inclusive goal graphic GOAL: RIC will promote an inclusive campus culture in which every participant will grow in their understanding of the benefits and value of diversity and be better prepared to prosper in a world that is increasingly both culturally rich and complex.



Objective 3.1.1 Objective 3.1.2

Invest in the college's organizational structure to best support inclusive excellence

Increase diversity among faculty, staff and administration to reflect the demographics of the college and the state

Priority Initiatives Priority Initiatives

Establish an Associate Vice President for Community, Equity and Diversity who will adopt an effective and aggressive work plan to assure that RIC is making progress on inclusive excellence

Establish a President's Commission on Inclusive Excellence that will develop policies, practices and programs to assure that each RIC student is prepared to engage in and facilitate success with inclusion issues, and thrive in our increasingly diverse society

Expand and improve recruitment efforts to increase workforce diversity among professional staff, faculty, and administration

Establish clear HR protocol that supports inclusive excellence




3.2-Campus Climate

​Objective 3.2.1 Objective 3.2.2

Review and strengthen key policies and practices involving Title IX, bias response and safety

Improve campus climate for all members of the Rhode Island College community
Priority Initiatives Priority Initiatives

Engage consultant expertise to review current policies and practices and work with campus constituencies to adopt national best practices

Ensure that students, faculty, and staff are aware of, and have access to, Title IX resources on campus related to gender discrimination and/or sexual assault, and general safety policies, procedures and protocols

Provide students with an effective mechanism for expressing any perceived biases and inequities in their college experiences

Administer campus climate survey to better assess concerns on campus​

Provide faculty and staff professional development on a culture of inclusion, including through HR workshops, orientations, and consultations



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Page last updated: July 26, 2017