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​Student Success​

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2.2-Student Academic Services

2.3-Student Life

2.4-Enrollment Management

As a student-focused institution, Rhode Island College has a responsibility to foster students' success by helping them effectively navigate the collegiate experience, build academic momentum and ensure degree completion. Providing relevant, high-quality, well-coordinated student support services that lead to high levels of student satisfaction is a good predictor of student success and an essential element to RIC's success. To further emphasize student success, the college will invest in the organization, student academic services, student life, enrollment management and other high impact and evidence-based practices.

student success goal graphic GOAL: RIC will support student success through high-quality learning with effective and engaging delivery of services. All students will be provided with an enriching, purposeful and attainable pathway to graduation. 



Objective 2.1.1 Objective 2.1.2

Align the college's organizational structure to best support student success

Implement high-impact practices for student supports and engagement
Priority Initiatives Priority Initiatives


Establish the role of Vice President for Student Success focusing, enhancing and improving student services, policies and programs


Align enrollment management, key academic services and student affairs under new Division of Student Success







Administer comprehensive review (NASPA) of student support services to ensure we are adhering to national best policies and evidence-based practice.


Establish nationally indexed benchmarks for student satisfaction across all student services


Create President's Leadership Program to cultivate top student leaders on campus


Assess effects of RIC's current model for awarding financial aid and administering work study on student success


2.2-Student Academic Services

Objective 2.2.1 Objective 2.2.2
Establish centralized, well-coordinated student academic services Invest in high-impact practices to improve academic momentum, course completion and degree attainment
Priority Initiatives Priority Initiatives


Make critical investments to professionalize academic advising for all students


Centralize student academic support services to improve easy access and delivery


Establish supplemental instruction for high-risk courses to improve course completion rates


Examine and enhance existing First-Year Experience efforts and address "summer-melt"


2.3-Student Life

Objective 2.3.1 Objective 2.3.2 Objective 2.3.3
Invest in a comprehensive first-year experience program for all incoming freshmen and transfer students to foster student involvement and connection to campus community Enhance campus experience by improving co-curricular offerings for residents and commuters to encourage greater student involvement and participation

Invest in coordinated, wrap-around student academic and wellness services

  Priority Initiatives Priority Initiatives

Provide leadership in programs and services to create a distinctive freshman year experience

Develop programming to help newest undergraduates, both freshmen and transfer students, transition into the intellectual, social, and cultural community of RIC

Prepare new college students with the skills and knowledge they need beyond academics to persist to completion and meet their individual goals

Launch a "Beyond the Classroom" task force to provide recommendations for enhanced engagement, services and experience

Identify relevant technology to facilitate student involvement, access to services and information

Establish centralized student support services

Expand access to services for all students



2.4-Enrollment Management

​Objective 2.4.1 Objective 2.4.2 Objective 2.4.3
Develop a comprehensive enrollment management plan providing strategies for graduate, international, adult and traditional enrollment growth 

Establish new brand for Rhode Island College that recognizes our exceptional strengths and showcases the quality, value and innovation of Rhode Island's first public college

Improve and expand residential options to attract diverse enrollment segments (i.e. out of state, international)
Priority Initiatives Priority Initiatives Priority Initiatives

Establish an enrollment management committee that includes expertise from the RIC community

Engage a consultant to work with committee to lead policy review and standardize enrollment requirements

Develop a marketing and outreach plan for targeted areas

Engage a private firm to assist with RIC branding and marketing with input from students, faculty, staff, alumni and broader community

Establish consistency and cohesiveness by incorporating new brand into all college materials, web and communications

Raise the profile in the community of RIC's performing arts program and theater facilities through  marketing and media outreach

Explore financial options for renovating, building or partnering on new and improved housing opportunities​

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Page last updated: July 26, 2017