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SA ​Marketing Overview

For organizations who haven't heard of us, we're a student-run marketing department that serves student organization (and sometimes departments) in the creation and distribution of advertisements. These ads can be used on anything from your organization wants to market, from social media accounts to upcoming events.

We are here to help you through means of consultations, event promotions, design creation, and more. The office is located in Student Union 435. You can contact SA Marketing at (401) 456-8806 or

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Product List

Design Only
Flyer Design8.5 x 11"$30.00
Brochure Design8.5 x 11"$35.00
Business Card Design3.5 x 2"$20.00
Logo Design1080 x 1080px$25.00
T-Shirt Design8 x 10"$25.00
Design and Print
Sky bridge42 x 42"$45.00
Poster22 x 28"$30.00
SU Showcases23.5 x 44"$45.00
Half-door Sign35 x 24"$40.00
Door Sign35 x 48"$40.00
Table Banner60 x 28"$65.00
Freebies (W/ORDER)
Social Media10 x 10"$0.00
Table Tent4 x 6"$0.00
TV Ad22 x 44"


Color Copies

For information regarding campus copy services, please contact Chad Minnich, College Communications & Marketing at​.​

Free Order Package

We offer a Free Order Package to student organizations at the beginning of every semester consisting of

(1) Flyer (1) Sky Bridge (1) Poster​

Order Form - Online

SA Marketing Online Order Form​​​​

*NOTE*- Online Order form only accessible with Google account.

Order Form - Printable​​

SA Marketing Printable Order Form​​​​

*NOTE* - Deliver or send by campus mail to SA Marketing, Student Union 435

What's the Process

1. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email to verify that your order has been claimed.

2. Our designer will email you a proof of your design.

3. Once approved, the design will be printed and distributed.

4. Within one week of your orders completion, your organization will be sent a bill for the order.

Remember, SA Marketing is first come, first serve. We have a two-week turn around time; from the time a designer takes your order to its completion. We can't stress enough how important it is to get your orders early. Successful advertising means having time for exposure- you want to get your ads out at least a week or two before your events happen!

Terms of Service

SA Marketing requires clients to reply to our initial email, which highlights things like your order information and how many credits you're using. Order not confirmed within one week of the email's sent date will be cancelled.


The office is located at Student Union room 435, and can be contacted at (401) 456-8806.​

To apply for a job with SA Marketing, come to Student Union 435 to fill out an application.​

Becca Bouchard
 SA Marketing Manager

Sydney Carbone
Graphic Designer
Gustavo Bravo
Graphic Designer
Jessica Nordquist
Graphic Designer
Syndy Mez​a
Graphic Designer ​​​​

Page last updated: October 28, 2019