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​​​Student Organizations Directory​

The following student organizations have institutional recognition through the Rhode Island College Office of Student Activities. If your organization's information needs to be updated, please contact Student Activities at (401) 456-8034 or e-mail Resources for the organizations can be found here.

Visit the PFAC website for a list of clubs recognized by the Performing & Fine Arts Commission, and the Outside LinkAthletics Department website for a list of recognized club sports.​

Organization Description
To update accounting majors on internship opportunities and to allow students to learn about career information and network with major companies. Students are also able to become members in other accounting organizations, such as the IMA. Merly Jiminezmquiles_2949@email.ric.eduRudy Barriosrbarrios_7926@email.ric.eduSusan
To encourage, educate, and empower all students, faculty, and campus groups to advocate for individuals with disabilities at Rhode Island College and beyond! Maryabby Jusayanmjusayan_3188@email.ric.eduJacqueline Ibarrajibarra_3534@email.ric.eduKeri Rossikrossi@ric.eduJose
National Panhellenic sorority founded on November 4, 1899 at Michigan State Normal College (now Eastern Michigan University). The sorority has more than 80 active chapters and colonies nationwide. Alpha Sigma Tau has a long history of philanthropy and community service. The Sorority's official philanthropy is Pine Mountain Settlement School, and its official service project is Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, individual collegiate and alumnae chapters coordinate local philanthropic fundraisers and service projects. Madeleine Leblancmleblanc_3965@email.ric.eduKristen Huettemankhuetteman_3640@email.ric.eduShawna
To further enhance the professional development of marketing students. As well as, spark the creativity of students by doing projects, events, promotions and web-design.
amaclub@so.ric.edu Dubie-O'Connorcdubieoconnor_5397@email.ric.eduAlexis Thompsonathompson_3335@email.ric.eduStephen
The Anchor, Rhode Island College's independent, student-run newspaper since 1928, is a weekly publication that provides RIC and the surrounding community with the latest news, sports, arts and entertainment, lifestyles and opinions. The Anchor provides students with the opportunity to engage in all aspects of the production of the newspaper including writing, editing, photography, graphics, sales and circulation.
editorinchief@anchorweb.org Samantha Scettasscetta_2640@email.ric.eduJessica Gauthierjgauthier_9103@email.ric.eduMichael
To increase knowledge and awareness of television and video production through hands-on experience. To act as a creative outlet for students who wish to participate in television and video production, and to exhibit students' work to a large audience on a regular basis via closed circuit TV and the Internet. Michael Cainemcaine_2785@email.ric.eduJake Elmsliejelmslie_0149@email.ric.eduBrian
To promote anthropological understanding throughout the campus and organize events to encourage students to take part in Non-Western traditions. Sarah Lauriannoslaurianno_5166@email.ric.eduEmmanuel Michacaemichaca_9455@email.ric.eduElijah
APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) is a student organization that focuses on all aspects of supply chain management.
apics@so.ric.eduErik Del Cidedelcid_4757@email.ric.eduLily Derbyshirehderbyshire@ric.eduPaul
ASA is an organization that serves as a voice for the cultural and social interests of Southeast Asian students at Rhode Island College. Our goal is to educate and bring awareness to students on campus and off campus by providing interaction opportunities for the Rhode Island College and greater Rhode Island communities.
asianstudents@so.ric.eduTabatha Karlowicztkarlowicz_5172@email.ric.eduKim Houtkhout_6082@email.ric.eduKristen Salemiksalemi@ric.eduMoonsil
RIC ACM is a student chapter of the ACM, *the* international society for computing professionals ( Student members organize 2-3 events per semester, including presentations by alumni and representatives of area corporations, trips to networking events, opportunities to experiment with cutting-edge new technologies, pizza study breaks, and more. The organization is primarily for CS and CIS majors, but is open to all RIC students interested in computing.
acm@so.ric.eduAfia Islamaislam_7026@email.ric.eduAdam Sebzdaasebezda_2142@email.ric.eduKyungsub
To encourage activities which educate and promote the value of social work. Through this effort, we hope to generate concern for oppressed and marginalized populations and raise awareness of important social issues such as domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, racism, sexism and homophobia. Molly Smithmsmith_4716@email.ric.eduNolan Rossnross_9852@email.ric.eduJeremy
A chance to introduce students to the exciting world of ballroom and Latin dance. With opportunities to learn the elegant steps of the waltz or the energy-filled jump of the swing, ballroom and Latin dance is the best way to meet new people, dance competitively or socially or just have a great time. http://www.ricballroom.comAriana Dickieadickie_4618@email.ric.eduKatherine Emingerkeminger_5527@email.ric.eduNancy
Strives to enhance communication between biology students and faculty, increase awareness of biology and medical technology issues and current events, and increase the sense of community in the biology department. Marianna Shaikhlymshaikhly_8926@email.ric.eduCaitlyn Cainccain_5258@email.ric.eduEric
To promote and teach the game of chess at Rhode Island College through meetings, tournaments, and events. The Chess Club encourages all members of the Rhode Island College community to socialize, relax, and enjoy spirited competition.
chessclub@so.ric.eduDavid Finsteindfinstein_3754@email.ric.eduLauren Chidiaclchidiac_7362@email.ric.eduWalter
Chi Sigma Iota is the international honor society of professional counseling and for professional counselors. Our mission is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.
csi@so.ric.eduElese Morroneemorrone_7181@email.ric.eduErin Blackmereblackmer_8099@email.ric.eduMichelle Kay Crossleymcrossley@ric.edu401-456-8638
To raise artistic and aesthetic awareness and develop technical skills and abilitites of club members as it pertains to the use of ceramic media. To discuss works created by members and developments made by artists within the field of ceramics. To facialitate artistic development of members by sponsoring visiting artisits, gallery visits, and specialty kiln firings.
clubmudd@so.ric.eduAlexandra Teareateare_0182@email.ric.eduSeth Hertlershertler_7068@email.ric.eduCraig
To represent the students of the Communications Department and offer programs and activities geared to exploring the various disciplines within the field. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining communications-focused events that combine academic theory and real world experiences from professionals.
commclub@so.ric.eduAlly Fellelaafellela_2875@email.ric.eduAlissa Phengsavatdyaphengsavatdy_2887@email.ric.eduJeslyn
The Co-op is a licensed preschool and daycare facility which provides quality child care for the children of RIC students, faculty, and staff. Erica Tessieretessier_4700@email.ric.eduKatrina Calderonkcalderon_0054@email.ric.eduBrian
Delta Phi Epsilon is an organization that is built on the bonds of sisterhood, pride in the sorority, and support for one another. The mission of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is to develop in women a social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good. The work done for the philanthropies, National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation instills the desire to be active in the community. Kirsten Silvermanksilverman_9670@email.ric.eduStefani Dzikiewiczsdzikiewicz_5415@email.ric.eduDenise
Social and intellectual activity among members of the RIC community, especially those majoring/minoring in English, and literature enthusiasts. Provides an opportunity for networking and academic support.
englishclub@so.ric.eduMichael Deluca-Lawtonmdelucalawton_8107@email.ric.eduRyan Silvarsilva_9732@email.ric.eduRussell
To promote sustainability within our school and community through various educational functions, a school garden, and other events that foster community partnerships.
environmentalclub@so.ric.eduJeni Melojmelo_8988@email.ric.eduMaria Gaskellmgaskell_2995@email.ric.eduJames Murphyjmurphy2@ric.eduDean
To spread awareness of women's issues on campus by focusing on activism, feminism, and women's rights. In addition, we strive to change stereotypes and to act in support of unity and gender equality.
feminists@so.ric.eduCarley Loisellecloiselle_1535@email.ric.eduAngelique Monturayo C-Dinaacdina_1126@email.ric.eduLeslie Schusterlschuster@ric.eduJanice
The organization that represents the interests of the freshman class.
GAMER strives to provide an open forum for people interested in role-playing games, video games, miniature war games, card collecting games (CCG), and board games. We encourage members to come learn new games or play an old favorite. GAMER is open to anyone interested in games, no matter your level of skill or experience.
gamer@so.ric.eduCasey Williamscwilliams_6540@email.ric.eduKimberly Maillouxkmailloux_0782@email.ric.eduR. Anthony Galvezrgalvez@ric.eduKen
Harambee, which is Kiswahili means "unity" or "stand together," is the name of Rhode Island College 's multicultural student organization.  The members primarily consist of students from throughout the African Diaspora (African-American, Afro-Carribean, Continental African) and welcomes others from diverse cultural backgrounds.  The purpose of the organization is to provide cultural experiences that will be beneficial in our search for our heritage; to coordinate our educational experiences so that others may learn from us; and to engage in social activities that allows us to show our responsibility to society.
harambee@so.ric.eduMariama Coker-Kallonmcokerkallon_2460@email.ric.eduJawon Andersonjanderson_2980@email.ric.eduLavonne
The Health, Wellness, and Fitness Organization provides programming and information for students who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle.
healthwellness@so.ric.eduAndrew Albroaalbro_9348@email.ric.eduErica Flemingefleming_7838@email.ric.eduKristen
To provide Rhode Island College student mentors with selected Henry Barnard School students to build lasting friendships and to provide one-on-one social and emotional support.
hbsmentors@so.ric.eduKaitlin Dobsonkdobson_8761@email.ric.eduBryana Aguiarbaguiar_9313@email.ric.eduHolly
RIC Intervarsity seeks to be a welcoming Christian community that offers open access to anyone seeking connection with God, people and the greater RIC community.
InterVarsity.ric.316@gmail.comhttp://www.ricintervarsity.wordpress.comAddie Osinagaaosinaga_7194@email.ric.eduRena Sigelrsigel_3611@email.ric.eduJeannine
The purpose of the Italian Language and Culture Club is to educate students interested in aspects of Italian language and culture including cuisine, traditions, language, art, music, and film.
italianclub@so.ric.eduEmely Olivareseolivares_5079@email.ric.eduBriana Pinedabpineda_8640@email.ric.eduChiara
The organization that represents the interests of the junior class.
National fraternity aiming to bring men of good character together to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.
kappadeltaphi@so.ric.eduEvan Sousaesousa_4759@email.ric.eduNick Giammarcongiammarco_8539@email.ric.eduJames
Kappa Sigma Colony is the largest college social fraternity in the world with more than 230,000 living members, including over 20,000 undergraduates and 320 Chapters and colonies located throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia, Kappa Sigma Colony International Headquarters is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.
kappasigma@so.ric.eduBen Hawleybhawley_2392@email.ric.eduSam Harlowsharlow_6166@email.ric.eduJeffrey
LASO is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in developing our member's individual potential. We acknowledge that the richness of our culture's identity should aid us in achieving our academic and social goals. LASO is a supportive organization, which encourages its members to learn about diversity of the Latino culture, while promoting leadership development within us all. As the influence and impact of Latin American people and culture has increased in the United States and abroad, LASO has built networks of support in cooperation with other clubs, organizations, associations of the college administration, and our friends. LASO is determined to seek strengths in union as Latino students face critical juncture in higher education; which includes decreasing enrollment nationwide and lack of support and resources. LASO is committed to the use of our skills, knowledge, and energy to contribute to the welfare of our people, society, and the world. Our membership is made up of diverse students from Latin America, Caribbean Islands, Central America, and South America, as well from various ethnic groups. All students are welcome!!
laso@so.ric.eduEmelia Orellanaeorellana_2607@email.ric.eduNate Banksnbanks_1160@email.ric.eduDavid Espinosadespinosa@ric.eduOmar
To unite and strengthen diverse individuals and organizations fighting for education equity, justice, and various issues, such as the elimination of disease, illiteracy, poverty, and ignorance, through alliance building, leadership development, and action.
lifeorg.ric@gmail.comKia Smithksmith_5484@email.ric.eduEdwin Nievesenieves_3118@email.ric.eduAntoinette
The Rhode Island College Master of Social Work Student Organization (MSWSO) serves as the central organization for the MSW program, advocating for students’ rights, needs and concerns to enhance the educational experience. The MSWSO coordinates events, works with faculty to advocate for the student body, and is a vehicle for challenging and changing policies on campus and abroad.
mswso@so.ric.edu Mavyndmavyn_6957@email.ric.eduMichael Robert Bakermbaker_6013@email.ric.eduAswood
The purpose of the Muslim Students Association is to create a welcoming and accessible space for students and faculty that identify as, or with, Muslims. We aim to host events around campus to create awareness of the religion. We are a unified voice for students at RIC for any accommodation and religious needs that students may find necessary on campus.
msa@so.ric.eduAfia Islamaislam_7026@email.ric.eduMohammed Chaghlilmchaghlll_3574@email.ric.eduSally
NRHH is composed of the top 1% of student leaders on campuses across the world. Furthermore, NRHH has four pillars that each member can continue to strive to achieve: scholastics, recognition, service and leadership. Mackenzie Johnsonmjohnson_2871@email.ric.eduAmanda Haluchahaluch_0692@email.ric.eduNachel
The RIC chapter of the National Science Teachers Association allows aspiring science teachers at Rhode Island College to become acquainted with each other in an informal environment, to discuss their paths through the education program, and to enhance their science education.
nsta@so.ric.eduhttp://www.nsta.orgNicole Grammasngrammas_5237@email.ric.eduNicole Pospisilnpospisil_4515@email.ric.eduSuzanne
We build leaders who make a better world. Hahnshahn_5586@email.ric.eduDakotah Federowiczdfederowicz_5181@email.ric.eduPaul Jacquespjacques@ric.eduChristine
To educate ourselves and others about the field of speech and hearing sciences and to prepare ourselves for entrance into the field of speech language pathology and audiology. Jenna Biancajbianca_0424@email.ric.eduTiffany Funestfunes_3357@email.ric.eduHarriet
Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is a national sorority committed to the development of collegiate and professional women through sisterhood, diversity, leadership, service, and academic excellence. The purpose of Omega Phi Beta is to service and educate people of diverse backgrounds through sisterhood, leadership, and guidance. As positive role models, we promote unity of all cultures, focus on the empowerment of our gender and raise the standards of excellence in our academic, social, and personal endeavors.
betaxi@omegaphibeta.orgAshley Bazinabazin_7303@email.ric.eduJessica Pearsonjpearson@ric.edu401-456-8036
This group provides an outlet for members of the RIC community to enjoy and experience ANIME as well as Japanese and East Asian cultures.
otaku@so.ric.edu Maillouxkmailloux_0782@email.ric.eduMikaela Kennedymkennedy_9014@email.ric.eduR. Anthony Galvezrgalvez@ric.edu828/399-1839
The Physical Science Club is for students who are interested in learning more about any type of physical sciences
scienceclub@so.ric.eduMolly Powersmpowers_7287@email.ric.eduMiles Ericksonmerickson_8577@email.ric.eduChin Hin Leungcleung@ric.eduJamie
The purpose of the Political Science Club is to generate interest and participation in the political process to all interested RIC students. Kazandra Delos Reyeskdelosreyes_0159@email.ric.eduValmore Dumontvdumont_4575@email.ric.eduRobyn Linderlinde@ric.edu401-274-1011Michelle
The Rhode Island College Pre-Law Society seeks to provide information and resources to undergraduate and graduate students of Rhode Island College who are interested in pursuing a career in the legal field, in addition to fostering engagement with the law by facilitating discussion and exploration of its various applications in society.
prelaw@so.ric.eduKathryn Myrtlekmyrtle_6343@email.ric.eduJean Marie Arnoldjarnold_3710@email.ric.eduThomas
The goal of this organization is to help those of different sexual orientations and identities (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer) be comfortable with who they are in the light of college life. It is also this group's goal to give these people a voice to be heard at RIC.
pride@so.ric.eduJess Flemingjflemming_4904@email.ric.eduCarley Loisellecloiselle_1535@email.ric.eduRobyn
To provide out of class extra-curricular activities for students. To create a sense of community among RIC students and to create a social setting of educational and recreational nature.
ricprogeb@gmail.comHaley Johnsonhjohnson_7428@email.ric.eduJezalee Lacapjlacap_9969@email.ric.eduBrittany Murtaughbmurtaugh@ric.eduMike
Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purpose of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology
psichi@so.ric.eduKailee Garibaldikgaribaldi_8016@email.ric.eduSamantha Silviassilvia_8845@email.ric.eduDavid Sugarmandsugarman@ric.eduKatherine
Psych Society is dedicated to promoting a path to learning about the field of psychology as well as possible internships, research projects, and job opportunities. Kailee Garibaldikgaribaldi_8016@email.ric.eduSamantha Silviassilvia_8845@email.ric.eduDavid Sugarmandsugarman@ric.eduKatherine
The Resident Student Association (RSA) is comprised of students living both in the residence halls and off-campus. The goal for RSA is to assist with students' needs and concerns and to provide programs for the residents which are on a larger scale than the ones that the Hall Councils usually provide. Representatives from all six halls help promote and recruit new members within their respective residence halls and meet together on a regularly scheduled basis. Another goal for RSA is to improve residential life and to promote unity throughout the campus community. Some recent events include duck hunt, res-week, dodgeball, carnival, ice cream socials, campaigns for better food service at the college, increased safety for motor vehicles and parking area, review and update of Residence Hall Policies, sponsorship of marathons to raise money for charity, semi-formal dances, talent shows, trips to plays and sporting events and many other on-campus events. Funding is provided for this organization by Student Community Government (student activity fees). RSA also works closely with Hall Councils, the Office of Residential Life and Housing, and other organizations. RSA is run by the students and elects students from within the group to serve on an Executive Board. Sarah Frenchsfrench_4108@email.ric.eduJulia Potteyjpottey_7777@email.ric.eduNachel Mottanmotta@ric.eduShawna
The Rhode Island College Cat Coalition (RICCC) is an organization dedicated to the love of animals, raise awareness of the proper treatment of animals, and the importance of spaying/neutering animals while creating a positive environment where members can relax and discuss their love for cats. Tayla Carvalhotcarvalho_8511@email.ric.eduByron Mongebmonge_2655@email.ric.eduEric
The Rhode Island College Dance Company is an innovative and widely recognized modern dance ensemble. The Company provides high quality educational dance and performance programming for RIC students and for the Rhode Island community.
ricdanceco@so.ric.eduKelsey Riouxkrioux_2655@email.ric.eduAngelica
The Rhode Island College Democrats works to stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs, and foster and promote the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party.
ricdemocrats@so.ric.eduJemma Weibrechtjweibrecht_5455@email.ric.eduEsther Watrousewatrous_7993@email.ric.eduMichelle
RICESS provides a peer support system as many like-minded individuals come together to discuss the various challenges social studies educators face while giving members the opportunity and resources to expand their skills. Gladukgladu_2064@email.ric.eduDerek Lariveedlarivee_8322@email.ric.eduMark
The purpose of RICHA is to provide a social forum for healthcare administration students to build relationships with one another and to engage professionals in the healthcare field. Through RICHA, students will learn more about the healthcare administration and gain support in their pursuit of becoming professionals.
healthcareclub@so.ric.eduKatherine Westkwest_9533@email.ric.eduIan Beganskiibeganski_8159@email.ric.eduMarianne
As aspiring medical personnel (such as medical doctors, optometry doctors, physician assistants, veterinarians, pharmacists, dentists, and the like) it is vital to our future success within the health services community to establish a strong network of support and guidance throughout our undergraduate, and graduate studies encompassing the Rhode Island College student community. The aspirations of the RIC Pre-Health Organization are quite vast, yet the main objective is to establish a community of like minds that share a similar passion and dedication to the field of medicine. The goal of this club is expose the RIC pre-health students to the extensive resources outside of Rhode Island College community, and enlighten the medical scholars to additional resources and volunteer opportunities that will enhance their future career opportunities within the medicine field.
prehealth@so.ric.eduMatthew Schiavomschiavo_8441@email.ric.eduMeaghan Gouldmgould_4678@email.ric.eduDr. Eric
The purpose of this organization is to form an educational community for students in and around recovery. This organization aims to create a safe and open environment for students to receive support from each other as well as learn about recovery.
ricoveryorg@so.ric.eduRoxxane Newmanrnewman_5434@email.ric.eduJessica Zuraweljzurawel_9100@email.ric.eduBethany
SNL is a spiritually based group focused on providing consistent Bible discussion groups and service opportunities involving the RIC community.
snl@so.ric.eduHakeen Jacobshjacobs_1090@email.ric.eduJennifer Contrerasjcontreras_6781@email.ric.eduCarlo
The organization that represents the interests of the senior class. Pete
RIC's literary magazine. Mark
To cultivate a network of small community groups in which students can discuss what it means to pursue God in faith, education, and through acting justly in the community. Ariel Lewisalewis_5751@email.ric.eduMadeleine LaPlantemlaplante_1729@email.ric.eduPeter Mendypmendy@ric.eduAntoinette
The organization that represents the interests of the sophomore class. Karin
As a Spanish language learner, any Rhode Island College student is now able to practice their Spanish during una hora de conversation, movie days, and on trips to cultural events around Rhode Island, Boston, and New York. Through these opportunities students can practice their conversational skills in an English-free zone. Katelyn Burchillkburchill_1520@email.ric.eduEmmanuel Michacaemichaca_9455@email.ric.eduMaricarmen
Student Community Government acts as a forum for students to address various issues and concerns affecting students at RIC. It also facilitates the growth and continuity of student organizations on campus by overseeing their operating and funding them. Percyjpercy_3835@email.ric.eduJames Fieldingjfielding_5128@email.ric.eduMark Mottemmotte@ric.eduTamika
To promote high standards of nursing practice through nursing education, to provide programs representative of current professional interests and concerns to nursing students, to inform the student body of the nature of professional nursing. Also, to provide a forum for investigation of issues in healthcare and to speak for better health in the college community. Kristina Haugheykhaughey_7171@email.ric.eduCody O'Rourkecorourke_5492@email.ric.eduSheri
The purpose of the Student Veterans Organization will be to provide a network of support for military veterans, their families and civilian supporters, to educate the college community about the experiences of military veterans, and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans. Gregory Van Giezengvangiezen_7042@email.ric.eduMark Barberambarbera_0357@email.ric.eduSteven
The purpose of the Student-Parent Association is to advocate and provide resources to student parents. The organization will collaborate with other programs on campus and in the community to assist and ensure academic excellence and success. Additionally, the organization will provide a centralized platform for students to discuss various topics related to balancing work, school, and family.
spa@so.ric.eduAudris Valdezavaldez_7008@email.ric.eduCourtney Mariitacmariita_7094@email.ric.eduMarissa
The purpose of Students of Amalgamated Philosophy is to provide a forum outside of the classroom that is open for interest-lead discussions of a philosophical nature. Additionally, the organization exists to establish practical applications for, and methods of, using philosophy as a professional tool to promote the interest and furtherance of student interest in the field. Elizabeth McAuliffeemcauliffe_8150@email.ric.eduStephanie Madridsmadrid_7794@email.ric.eduAmy
Theta Delta Sigma is the first multicultural and gender-inclusive Greek Life organization at RIC. A dynamic Siblinghood (sister & brotherhood), committed to making diversity the rule, not the exception. We believe in providing a positive experience for everyone, cultivating a safe environment that promotes leadership, scholarship, service, and lifelong friendship.
ric@thetadeltasigma.orgwww.thetas.orgBithja Meusbmeus_9454@email.ric.eduNicolette Chalifouxnchalifoux_4767@email.ric.eduOmar
Theta Phi Alpha is a national women's social fraternity, and is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference. The mission of Theta Phi Alpha encompasses far more than providing a social network for college women. For more than 90 years, the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha have maintained a history rich in educational excellence, professional achievement, and a deep commitment to social service. Lundinklundin_1563@email.ric.eduDara Starringdstarrring_9432@email.ric.eduStephanie
WXIN is here to provide the RIC community with responsible programming, teach newcomers about the music and radio industries, increase our knowledge and understanding of broadcast radio through experience, and provide and outlet for students to express themselves creatively within FCC rules and radio ethics. Genesis Garciaggarcia_9136@email.ric.eduMichael Cainemcaine_2785@email.ric.eduArthur
The Youth Development Organization shall serve the Rhode Island College community in a variety of ways: community outreach, knowledge-building, activism, and volunteerism. Members will be encouraged to get involved with local youth and organizations to gain an understanding of jobs that involving working with young people. Ronya Traynhamrtraynham_0997@email.ric.eduSandrith Perezsperez_7631@email.ric.eduLesley Bogadlbogad@ric.edu401-456-8995Corrine

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