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The mission of the Office of Student Life is to help students with typical problems or issues that arise over the course of one's academic career. Students can seek our help for any reason, but below are some issues frequently asked about:


Repeating A Course

A student may repeat any course taken for undergraduate credit that is not subject to restrictions within undergraduate programs. Courses may be repeated only once; however, a student who wishes to repeat a course a second time may request permission to do so by petitioning the Academic Standing Committee.

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Taking A Course At Another College

Students who want to take a course at another college and transfer the course into RIC must receive special permission by completing an Adobe PDFAuthorization of Credit form and obtaining the signature of the appropriate departmental chairperson prior to taking the course. The form should be turned into the Records Office. Upon completion of the course, students must arrange to send an official transcript to the Records Office.

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Dropping A Course / Courses

Students may withdraw from some or all of their courses during the first two weeks of a semester (or during a corresponding time for summer session courses) without having any entry made on the permanent record by using MyRIC. Withdrawal from some or all of ones courses after the first two weeks but prior to the last drop date of the semester published in the Bulletin of classes (approximately midterm) using MyRIC will result in a grade of "W" on the permanent record. Students dropping all of their courses also should complete a Adobe PDFWithdrawal Form and submit it to the Office of Student Life to determine if they are eligible for a full or partial refund.

After the last drop date, withdrawal from some or all courses requires the approval of the individual instructors or appropriate Dean. Approval is based on evidence of extenuating circumstances other than academic difficulty with the course(s). Consult with the Office of Student Life regarding appropriate procedures and documentation.

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Dropping A Course From A Previous Semester Never Attended

Sometimes students register for a course but never attend and are under the mistaken impression that the college or instructor will simply drop them on their own. It is the College's practice not to drop students without their explicit consent and to hold them financially responsible. In special circumstances, the Office of Student Life may be able to help students in such instances.

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Requesting An "Incomplete" Grade

Incompletes are only appropriate if you are experiencing extenuating circumstances, most of the work has already been completed and you will be able to complete all the work by the time grades are submitted for the succeeding semester (excluding summer sessions) with a minimum of faculty supervision. If you received an "I" in a course, you are given until grades are submitted for classes the following semester ( excluding summer sessions) to complete the missing work. Incompletes will turn to F's or to their default grade on the same day grades are due for graduating seniors​. Faculty will establish the guidelines for completing the course on the Incomplete Grade Report Form​.

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Disputing A Grade

Students who want to dispute the grade they received on an exam, for a paper or in a course, or some other course grading policy, can do so according to the College's Academic Grievance Procedures. These procedures require students to discuss the matter with the faculty member involved first. If the faculty member is unwilling to change the grade, students may appeal the decision to the department chair. The decision of the department chair is final. Contact the Office of Student Life for assistance with the procedures—Student Life does not make any determination regarding the student's situation.

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Academic Probation

Being placed on Academic Probation means you are not allowed to take more than 14 credits for the next period you are enrolled at RIC. (Excluding the Summer). It also means you will be prevented from registering for the following semester until you have met with your Advisor. If you have already pre-registered (Fall or Spring), you have until the last day of the add/drop period to add a class, to adjust your schedule down to 14 or less credits or your respective Dean will adjust your schedule for you. If you feel there were extenuating circumstances (medical, personal) that contributed to your poor academic performance, you can petition the Academic Standing Committee for an exception to exceed the 14 credit restriction. On the Academic Standing Committee petition, you need to clearly state how many credits you wish to take, explain and document your circumstances and submit your petition to the Records Office by the deadline date as stated on the Probation Information Sheet you would have also received. Seek assistance from the Office of Student Life if you have any questions.

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Academic Dismissal

The consequences of being Academically dismissed from the college are significant. Your status at the college changed from being an Undergraduate Degree student to a Undergraduate Non-Degree student. Any classes you may have pre-registered for Summer Session II and for the Fall semester will be dropped. You will have a printable notation of your transcript that will state you were "Academically Dismissed from Degree Program." Opportunities to receive financial aid will be severely limited. You will not be allowed to participate on athletic teams. You will be the last group to register for courses.

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Change Of Address

Rhode Island College uses the address on your Admissions application to establish your permanent address and residency.  If your residency has changed since that time, you can only change it by completing a Change of Address form and turning it in to the Records Office.  If your permanent address has not changed, but you would like the College to change where we send mail to you (for example, if you are living in the residence halls or rented an apartment temporarily close to campus), you can change your mailing address via MyRIC on-line.

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Extended Absences Due To Illness/Medical Issues

Students who would like to notify their faculty that they will be out five or more consecutive days due to illness can contact the Office of Student Life. The office will send an absence notice on the student's behalf as a courtesy; however, such notification should not be construed as an exemption of attendance requirements by individual faculty since Student Life cannot verify the validity of the illness. Students should expect to make up any work missed while absent.

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Temporary Or Permanent Leave Of Absence

Undergraduate degree candidates who plan to leave RIC temporarily (taking off no more than three semesters) or permanently should Adobe PDFfile a Withdrawal Form with the Office of Student Life. After completing Section 1 of the form, meet with someone in Student Life to complete Section 2. The Student Life representative will discuss the impact the leave may have on your financial aid or on-campus housing (if applicable) as well as any refund you may be entitled to.

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Problems With Another Student

Students experiencing problems (harassment, abuse, relationship, academic, etc.) with another student should discuss the nature of the problems with someone in the Office of Student Life to determine what, if anything, can be done to resolve the concerns. If it is determined that a violation of College policy has occurred, you may be given the option to file a formal report.

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Problems With A Faculty Member

Students who have complaints about a faculty member (not about a grade) should follow the College's Complaint Resolution Policy. Typically, these procedures call for the student to discuss the matter with the faculty member involved first, and then, if necessary, to follow up with the department chair or academic dean. Student Life can assist with the procedures, accompany the student through the process, and advocate on the student's behalf if appropriate.

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Problems With Another Office On Campus

Students who have complaints about other offices on campus also should follow the College's Complaint Resolution Policy. As with problems with a faculty member, these procedures call for the student to discuss the matter with the person involved first, and then, if necessary, to follow up with the department chair. Student Life can assist with the procedures, accompany the student through the process, and advocate on the student's behalf if appropriate.

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Page last updated: November 08, 2017