Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is a unified messaging utility which brings together instant message chat and video communications. In Lync, you can send messages and use voice and video to communicate with others, as well as utilize screen sharing for video conferencing and remote presentations. Lync is available for Windows PCs, Mac computer, iOS and Android devices and on the web via the Lync Web App.


Question: How do I install Microsoft Lync?

Step by step instructions on how to install Microsoft Lync

Question: Who is eligible to use Microsoft Lync?

Currently all RIC students

Question: How do I create a new document using one of the Microsoft Web Apps?

Question: Are there benefits to using Microsoft Lync instead of email?

Microsoft Lync is not a replacement for email, but can be used to share documents and communicate through text messages. Key benefits to Microsoft sing Lync instead of email include:

  • Face to face communication! Have a quick conversation or an hour long meeting with colleagues, whether they are on campus or not.
  • Are you there? Microsoft Lync has a "presence" feature, you can set to indicate to others whether you are "Away", "Busy", or "Off line", allowing others to quickly discern your availability.
  • Instant messaging! Faster and more direct that email, communications sent via instant messaging display in the Lync window, which can prevent the information from being overlooked in a crowded email Inbox.

Question: Can I invite someone outside of RIC to a Lync conference?

Yes! Meeting invitees can join a Lync conference using a web browser. The Microsoft Lync Web App allows individuals without a Lync acount to participate in a Lync meeting.

Question: What support does RIC offer?

The HelpDesk offers best-effort support for Lync and will attempt to assist you with basic Lync issues. Please note that RIC cannot guarantee support of advanced features or mobile apps of Lync.


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