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Audio Visual equipment is available for loan at the Audio Visual Department located on the first floor of Gaige (113E). Equipment available includes projectors for projects, cameras, camcorders, and other various equipment. Equipment such as cameras and camcorders can be picked up and dropped off at the Audio Visual Department. Equipment such as televisions, projectors, VCRs, DVD players, and speakers for projects must be requested by the instructor 24 hours in advance.

Learn more about borrowing equipment, or call 401-456-8803 for additional information.


How do I burn or copy a CD in the computer labs?

The computer labs in Whipple and Horace Mann use a program called Sonic - CD and DVD creation software to burn, copy, and create CDs. To get to the burning software click on the start button in the lower left corner of your screen. Go to All Programs and then select "Sonic - CD and DVD creation software." The different options available are audio module for making music CDs, copy module for copying CDs, and Record Now Data for making data CDs from files. Always remember to read and follow license rules and procedures before copying CDs.

What's the difference between a CDR and a CDRW?

A CDR is a CD which can only be written on once. A CDR is good for data, music files, and pictures that can be stored and do not need to be deleted.

A CDRW is a CD which can be written on multiple times. A CDRW is good for files that will constantly changing such as reports or ongoing projects. You may write on a CDRW multiple times but after a while of writing and deleting on a CDRW it will become warn and it will be slower in the machine after time.

Where can I download and listen to music legally on campus?

A legal program to download songs and music is Ruckus. Ruckus offers 2.5 million free songs and video for Rhode Island College students.

Learn more about Ruckus.


There is a copier in Horace Mann Tech Center for student use. To use the copier, a student must add money to their RIC ID card at the library or at Campus Card. There is a copy machine in the library as well.


If you are having problems connecting to the network with either your desktop computer or your laptop, please visit Apogee/ResNet located in the basement of Weber Hall or contact them at x8743. Additionally information can be found at


Throughout campus there are a number of e-classrooms with electronic equipment installed. These classrooms contain a computer or computers, a projector, and PowerPoint to enhance student presentations and faculty lectures. These e-classrooms also offer overhead projectors for more traditional overhead transparencies. Electronic Classrooms are growing so if you don't happen to have a class in one this semester don't worry. To learn more about technology and for more information about PowerPoint presentations for class check out the computer labs in Horace Mann and Whipple.


The restrooms are located on the lower level of Horace Mann Tech Center. An elevator is located right outside the entrance of the Technology Center. It is also accessible by taking the outside stairs, reentering the building, and the bathrooms are located on the right just under below a second set of stairs.


Horace Mann Tech Center hours

Whipple 102 hours

Hours of operation are posted on the front door of both Horace Mann and Whipple. Please note the hours of operation will change throughout the fall, spring, summer, and intercessions. The labs close 15 minutes prior to the hour, so be sure to plan your work accordingly. For your convenience, the lab assistants will make students aware of the closing time by giving a 30 minute, 15 minute, 5 minute, and final closing announcement.


Can I bring food and drinks to the lab?

No, but we have a table near the front door where you can put drinks.

Can I use a cell-phone in the lab?

No, there is no cell-phone use allowed in the lab. If you have an emergency call, you can take your call outside the lab.


Horace Mann Tech Center

The restrooms are located on the lower level of Horace Mann Tech Center. Instead of using the outside doors, students may now use the exit at the front right of the lab and walk down 2 flights of stairs to access the bathrooms.

Whipple 102

To get to the Men's Room from Whipple 102 take a left outside the lab and it is located just before the exit on the left side. For the Women's Room, take a right outside the lab and it will be located on the right side.


Students enrolled at Rhode Island College can borrow a laptop computer at no cost for use in the Adams Library only. To borrow a laptop a student must show their RIC ID to the reserve desk at the library. Laptops can only be borrowed for three hours. For more information regarding borrowing a laptop go to


All full and part time students at Rhode Island College are eligible to download Microsoft Office 2013 online free of charge. Microsoft Office 2013 contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync and InfoPath. Students are also eligible to download the latest version of Office for MAC free of change which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

To learn more about downloading Microsoft Office for your PC and MAC, please visit


Guidelines for access to the Multimedia Workstations:

  1. Students must be enrolled in a multimedia course.
  2. There is a 2-hour limit for the use of the workstations during busy times.
  3. Students must provide their RIC ID card and professor's name in order to gain access to the multimedia workstations. (Note: The Lab Assistant will log student's name on the computer.
  4. Students must return all equipment in order to get their RIC ID card back.

Workstations can be reserved for a 2 hour period and can be reserved days in advance. Remember to book reservations early especially during exam week because there are only a limited number of work stations. To reserve a work station call 401-456-8886 for Horace Mann and 401-456-9613 for Whipple.

Note: It is the students responsibility to learn how to use the multimedia stations and the installed software. USS student workers are not necessarily trained to use them.


Why won't MyRIC work at home?

If you are having a problem accessing MyRIC from your home computer, a good rule of thumb is to confirm that your browser is up-to-date. MyRIC is compatible with any browser, however Firefox and Chrome have proven to be the most consistent in terms of compatibility. If you're having an issue with your MyRIC account, please contact the MIS department at 456-8050.

Why couldn't I print PDF files online?

If you have any problems to print PDF files online or from Blackboard, please save the file to the computer and print it.

Why couldn't I log on my Webmail?

Make sure to put correct information of your username and password.

If you cannot log in with the password you probably need to reset your password in password station. Go to plug in your ID and click on forgot password - it will ask you a couple of personal questions (social, birth date etc.) and then for your new password. When you're done with that try logging into Blackboard again and it should work.

If for some reason it doesn't work (gives you an error) you can go to the FrontDesk at Horace Mann Tech Center and the Student Lab Monitors will fill out a form for you so that the administrator can change the password for you (they will also try changing it again with you there -it might help). This password change also changes the password for your RIC email account and your password to log into the computers at school as well.


Can I make copies with a copy machine located in either computer lab?

There is a copier in Horace Mann Tech Center and at the library for student use. To use the copier, a student must add money to their RIC ID card at either the library or Campus Card.

How can I cut down on the number of pages I have to print?

When printing documents always print double sided is the default setting. To print double sided, do the following steps:

  1. File > Print > drop down "print one-sided" to "print on both sides"
  2. File > Print > Properties > Layout > flip on long edge

When using PowerPoint go to file, print. There is a box that says "Print What." Choose handouts 6 slides per page. By using this feature you can cut a 60 page PowerPoint to only 10 pages! PDF and PowerPoint can also take several minutes to print all pages and may come out one at a time with a wait time in between.

Why are my printouts printing slowly?

Different types of files take longer to process than others. Your file may be a large or complex file. For example, word documents would typically print out faster than a file with a lot of graphics or pictures.

Why did my document come out blank papers?

There are a few things that can cause your print outs to print blank pages.

  • If your document is printed from a website with frames always print from inside the frame you want to print.
  • If your document is from Blackboard please download the file to the computer, then print it.
  • If the toner is low contact a lab assistant.


Does the computer lab have scanner?

Whipple 102 has 2 scanners. One plugged into a PC and another one plugged into a MAC.

Horace Mann Tech Center has 2 scanners. Two plugged into a PC and one plugged into a MAC.

In the Horace Mann Tech Center, you will find the scansnap scanner connected to the first computer in row 1. This scanner allows you to scan multiple single and double-sided documents. You can scan the documents to different formats such as PDF.


All Horace Mann classrooms are located on the first level of Horace Mann Tech Center. They are accessible by taking the outside stairs, reentering the building, and taking one of the three hallways on the left. The first hallway contains classrooms Horace Mann 180 - 183. The second hallway contains classrooms 185 - 190 and the last hallway contains classrooms 191 - 193. There are two handicap accessible elevators located in Horace Mann. The first is just across from the entrance to Horace Mann Tech Center and the second one is located on the right side in-between the second and third hallways.


Wireless access is available at multiple locations on campus.

There is no password for the wireless on campus. Once your wireless adapter is on it will be connected by itself.

How to Connect to a Wireless Internet Connection

Follow these simple steps and you'll be surfing the Web in no time with a wireless Internet connection:

Turn all equipment on first.


  1. Go to Connect To and choose Show all Connections from the Start Menu.
  2. Select the Wireless internet icon and click View Available Wireless Connections on the left side in the Network Tasks box.
  3. Choose the network that you want to join from the Network menu that pops up. You may have to enter a password if the network is password-protected. The wireless connection that RIC students should use is RIC-GUEST and requires no password.


  1. Go to the Applications folder and choose Internet Connection.
  2. Click on the AirPort button in the new window.
  3. Make sure that AirPort is on. Choose the network that you want to join from the Network menu that pops up. You may have to enter a password if the network is password-protected. The wireless connection that RIC students should use is RIC-GUEST and requires no password.

View the Campus wireless locations

What happens if I go over 250 free pages (printing)?

It will show up on your next semester bill.