Print Conservation Information


On October 2, 2009, Rhode Island College will institute Print Conservation, a new green technologies initiative targeting unnecessary printing in the walk-in computer labs in the Horace Mann Technology Center and Whipple 102. The program includes a new cost accounting system for student print jobs and is expected to reduce the volume of printing in the walk-in labs by 33% this academic year.

Key features of the Print Conservation Program are:

  1. Print services in the walk-in labs are available to students who are currently enrolled in Rhode Island College courses.
  2. When print quotas take effect on October 2, 2009, enrolled students may print up to 250 pages per semester in the walk-in labs free of charge.
  3. After reaching 250 pages for undergraduate students and 500 pages for graduate students, students will pay a fee of $.05 for each page printed. The fee will be added to the student's bill by the Bursar's Office.
  4. Students may check their print histories to determine how many pages they have printed from any PC in the walk-in labs.
  5. USS will provide educational tips for students to reduce the size of their print jobs.
    At this time, the instructional lab printers are excluded from the 250-page quota so students will not be charged for print jobs in the instructional labs.
  6. Non-RIC students enrolled in special programs will be charged a printing fee. Their fees will be negotiated with their sponsors.
  7. A pilot program and a test quota to introduce the new cost accounting system will be in effect from August 28 through October 1, 2009. On October 2nd, the test quota will be replaced by the true quota of 250 pages.

Hints for reducing the number of pages that you print:

New Print System

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