Where to find out


Walk-in Labs

Located in the Horace Mann Technology Center and Whipple 102, you will find Lab Assistants at the FrontDesk. They are there to help you with general computer issues such as basic Mircosoft Office and Blackboard questions, or if you are having problems logging into the network.

Horace Mann Technology Center Front Desk

HM Front Desk

Horace Mann Hall hours of operation

Horace Mann 140 - Learning Space

Are you looking for a space to go over a presentation, or do you need to practice using e-classroom technology? On Jan 30th 2012, User Support Services will be opening Horace Mann 140 as a learning space for Rhode Island College students. Students will be able to reserve HM 140 to practice their individual or group presentations and to practice using common e-classroom equipment. This room has the following equipment and software:

  • SMART Board
  • Document Camera
  • Projector
  • Computers
  • SMART Notebook
  • Microsoft Office
  • All of the same software that you will find on all of the computers in any of the open labs

For more information, please contact the Horace Mann FrontDesk at 456-8886 for learning space availability and how a student can reserve the room.

Whipple 102 Front Desk


Whipple Hall 102 hours of operation

Assistive Lab Technology


Desk where you borrow one of the Adam's laptops -- They don't leave the building

Additional information regarding Assistive Lab Technology

Programs Offered Within Labs

The walk-labs offer a wide variety of programs that are constantly being upgraded. Microsoft Office is integrated into the software package and includes all programs from Word to Excel to Publisher. There is a variety of art/multimedia programs offered on the Macs that tailor to our more computer savvy students. For those students majoring in the social/biological sciences, there are programs available that are tailored to specific courses to make your studies easier. If there are any questions pertaining to the software here on campus, please visit one of our walk-in labs or for a list of programs visit http://www.ric.edu/uss/Pages/Software-PC-Labs.aspx .

Handicapped Accessibility

Rhode Island College prides itself on the various accommodations around campus that have allowed easier access to the handicapped. Our labs are no different. Horace Mann Technology Center offers three Dell's and one Macintosh computer with elevated tabletops to allow accessibility to students who use a wheelchair to travel around campus. For the exact location of these computers, please ask a lab assistant at the front desk.

Waiting List Information

During periods when the lab becomes full, a waiting list is put into effect. Free period, mid-term week, and finals week are prime examples of our busiest times. When a waiting list is in effect, we ask all students using computers to work on school related materials. To get your name placed on the waiting list, simply give your name at the front door upon entering.

Noise Policy

In order to maintain order and accommodate all students needs, we have a no loud noise policy. This includes the volume of speech, cell phones, and the computer speakers. Cell phones should be kept on vibrate and calls taken outside, headphones must be in use to hear sound on our computers, and students should be respectful to the others surrounding them.