Live@edu FAQ Support - Skydrive


How do I access SkyDrive?

From any computer, you can visit and sign into Live@RIC. When you are logged in, click "More" at the top of the screen, and then click SkyDrive.


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How secure is my SkyDrive, since it is stored on the Internet?

Very secure. Your data is stored on Microsoft's servers, so it benefits from their security measures. You need to log into your Live@edu account in order to access your data, so it is password protected.

What kinds of files can I store in my SkyDrive?

Anything you want. You can store Office documents, like from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Adobe PDF files. You can store movies (though we wouldn't recommend it), pictures, program files, or any other type of file you can think of.

Are all of my files visible to anyone else?

Not by default. When you save a file to your SkyDrive, it is only accessible to you. You can change the settings on folders to be sharable to a certain contact/email address you specify, to a group of people, to your friends, or to everyone.

How do I share my files with someone?

Consider this example: You would like to share a Word document with a classmate who is in your group.

  1. You would log into Live@RIC by navigating to, and sign in.
  2. Click the folder that contains your file. For example, you may have named a folder Documents.
  3. Along the top border of this folder, under your name, you will see Share. Click Share, and then click whichever selection is applicable to what you want to do


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Edit permissions - Change the permission of this folder, so that any files saved inside it can either be private, Shared with a few friends that you select, shared with all friends (including on Facebook, if you chose to connect your Facebook to Live@RIC), your friends and their friends, or everyone.

Send a Link - Send a link to this folder to any email address you specify. For added security, you can require people you send a link to to log in with their Windows Live ID/Live@RIC ID.

Get a link - Receive an actual web address for this folder, so that if you copy it and paste it anywhere, someone can click the link and access the file. This is helpful if you want to share a file you stored on SkyDrive with everyone via a Facebook status, blog post, forum comment, or anything else.

Can I access my files from my smart phone?

Yes, depending on what kind of phone you have:

  • iPhone: Visit in your iPhone's browser, and sign in with your Live@RIC ID.
  • Blackberry: Follow the instructions above for the iPhone. If you have Documents to Go installed on your Blackberry, you may open the Office files from your SkyDrive on your phone.
  • Android: Follow the instructions above for the iPhone
  • Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1, 6.5: Download the Windows Live app from the Windows Mobile Marketplace, and then sign in to the app with your Live@RIC ID.
  • Windows Phone 7: From the Start screen, swipe left to view your list of installed apps. Scroll down and tap Office. The Office Hub accesses your SkyDrive as long as you are signed into your phone with your Live@RIC ID.
    If you have not tied your Live@RIC ID to your phone, you may follow the instructions for the iPhone above.

Can I open documents I saved to my SkyDrive directly from an Office program?

Yes! For more information on this, see Office Live.

What if I need to view/edit a document stored on my SkyDrive, but Microsoft Office isn't installed?

No problem! See Office Live.