Live@edu Student Email FAQ


How will my student email be impacted?

We are saying goodbye to our current email system and replacing it with one hosted directly by Microsoft. Your new webmail interface is modern and feature rich. It is a hybrid of Windows Live Hotmail and Microsoft Exchange. We've summarized these features for you in a table at the end of this section.

"Windows Live Hotmail" sounds familiar. Are our new email addresses Hotmail accounts?

Not quite. Live@RIC takes the best features from Hotmail, which people may use for their personal email accounts, and from Microsoft Exchange. Exchange is what powers many corporate email systems. Your new Live@RIC account functions as a Windows Live ID but with powerful Exchange features like Active Directory (so that you can search for classmates, professors, and college staff in order to email them) and email on your smart phone.

I run out of space quickly in my current RIC webmail account. Will I get a larger Inbox with Live@RIC?

Yes! While your old RIC webmail account had a maximum size of 100 megabytes, we know that this is not enough space for most students. With your new Live@RIC account, you have a 10 gigabyte Inbox. This is similar to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and other email companies.

Which web browsers are compatible with Live@RIC?

All of the most popular browsers are fully compatible with Live@RIC. It doesn't matter whether you log on using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. They will all work exactly the same way and have all of the same features.

I have a Mac. Will I be able to use Live@edu?

Yes! Whether you are on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac, you can log into your Live@edu account from whichever web browser you prefer and have the same features.

Is Live@edu compatible with Microsoft Office Outlook for Windows and Mac OSX?

Yes! In the past, you had to know special settings in order to use a desktop program like Microsoft Outlook to check your RIC webmail. With Live@edu, that is no longer the case. If you open Microsoft Outlook and wish to connect it to your Live@edu account, click this (link to another FAQ with setting up Outlook 2007/2010 & Mac Office 2008/2011)

How do I log in to my Live@RIC account?

Open your web browser and navigate to This is the new log in page. Type your Live@edu address where it says Windows Live ID:, and then type your password and click Sign In. By default, your password is the first three letters of your birth month, the two-digit number of your birthday, and the last four digits of your EMPLID number. If you were born on March 21st, and your EMPLID# was 0345678, your default password would be: mar215678

I am graduating soon. Will I miss out on these new features?

Not at all. Actually, Live@RIC includes an alumni component. Many students wish that they could keep their RIC webmail addresses after graduation in order to keep in touch with professors, list a professional academic address on their resume, or network. We've made it so you will be able to keep your Live@RIC account for (X) years/semesters after you graduate.

What about email on my (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android)?

Setting up your Live@RIC email on your mobile device is simple. Microsoft Exchange is a feature on all major smartphones, so you simply need to add an Exchange account on your phone and input your Live@RIC ID and password. Exchange will set it up automatically.