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​Veterans Relief Fund

Emergency financial assistance for Rhode Island College veterans funded by a grant from the RI Office of Veterans Affairs.


The Rhode Island College Veterans Relief Fund (VRF/RIC) is designed to remove some of the monetary stressors veterans may face, and connect veterans to a more secure financial plan in order to contribute to long-term academic success and persistence. VRF/RIC provides short-term monetary support to qualified applicants facing financial hardship by awarding support (gift cards) for food, gas, and/or household goods. Applicants must be RIC students, veterans, and RI residents.

Application Procedure​

Students can apply for the fund beginning January 10, 2019. Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the academic year, until the fund has been exhausted.

We are not currently accepting any additional applications. The funds provided by the RI Office of Veterans Affairs have been exhausted. If additional funds become available, we will send a new announcement.

Page last updated: February 22, 2019