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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Any RI College undergraduate student in any field of study who is in good academic standing may apply. Applicants will have completed 30 credit hours at RI College by the time they apply, EXCEPT for transfer students who will have earned 30 credit hours by the end of the semester in which the proposal has been submitted. The terms "academic standing" and "semester" are used as defined in the Student Handbook. Students who are in a Second Degree program or post-baccalaureate certificate program are not eligible for a Shinn scholarship.

Where can I get an application and who can answer questions to assist me in the application process?
Applications are available on our website and through Shinn Departmental Liaisons. In addition, you can find applications at the RIC History Department office in Gaige 206, and through Dr. Gale Goodwin Gomez, Director of RIC's Study Abroad (Gaige 118E) and Dr. Joanne Schneider, Chair of the Shinn Awards Sub-Committee (Gaige 310).

How much financial aid is available?
Proposals would require an estimated budget that includes the specific request from this fund, including program costs and living expenses abroad, as well as the source or sources for the balance. The range of awards varies from year to year in every instance. The size of the awards depends upon a number of factors: i.e. the number of good applications received and the number of scholarships offered; the length of study abroad and the country in which the applicant wishes to study. For example, someone studying for a summer session will likely require less money than someone studying for a semester or two. Also the value of the dollar enters into the picture. The value of the dollar is lesser next to the British pound and the euro at this point in time. However, the dollar is stronger in Canada and in Latin American countries, Africa and the Middle East. Much depends upon the budget submitted by the applicant taking these factors into account, and the Shinn Committee's ability to raise funds annually.

When would I be eligible to travel?
You would be eligible to travel from summer after submission of your application through the following academic year and summer. The minimum requires three months and a maximum of 24 months abroad. Thus far, the shortest period of study/internship that has been taken by a Shinn scholar has been 12 weeks and the longest has been 13 months (2 semesters and a summer session).

Can I travel in my senior year?
Although each submission is individualized, the Committee recommends travel/study in the junior year for maximum benefits to the student as well as to the Shinn recruitment program upon the scholarship recipient's return.

What colleges or universities would I be able to study at?
It would be up to you to investigate which academic institutions abroad offer what you are interested in. Consult your department adviser, and/or your Shinn departmental liaison. The RIC Director for Study Abroad is also a good resource:, Dr. Gale Goodwin Gomez, Gaige 118E, 456-9623, and Joanne Schneider, Craig Lee 215, 456-8056,

How would I find out if the courses signed up for will transfer to RIC and apply to a degree?
You can find out through consultation with your academic advisor, department chair, Study Abroad office and Records Office.

Am I required to enroll in a college or university to earn transferable credits that would apply to my official RI College transcript?
Students have the latitude to select a travel plan that would not be limited to credit bearing classes, but could include sponsored internships and/or sponsored service as well.

Are there any information sessions that I can attend or past student participants that I can contact?
Every September the committee sponsors the Shinn Forum for participating students to share their application and travel experience with those interested in applying. Past successful applications are kept on file in the RIC History Department office (Gaige 206), and may be perused there. For more information, contact Joanne Schneider or Study Abroad Office.

When is the deadline?
Completed applications are due in the History Department Office (Gaige 206) by Februrary 1st or if it falls on a weekend, the
subsequent Monday.

What countries have previous RIC students traveled to before with support of the Shinn Fund?
Armenia, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ghana, Chile, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, New Zealand, North Ireland, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates.​

Page last updated: December 23, 2015