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Attention Students and Recent Graduates

RIC email policy - Student mailboxes are retained for one year after a student either graduates or leaves RIC.  All students who attended RIC since the Spring Semester of 2010, including recent graduates, now have mailboxes on Office 365. 

Alumni email policy - http://www.ric.edu/studenttoolbox/Office_365/student_alumni_email_policy.htm#alumni

For more information about Office 365 Outlook email, visit http://www.ric.edu/studenttoolbox/Office_365/email.htm.

Students - Office 365

All student email is delivered to Office 365 mailboxes. To log into your Office 365 mailbox, point your browser to https://login.microsoftonline.com/.

For more information please visit http://www.ric.edu/studenttoolbox/Office_365/index.htm.

Faculty & Staff – Office 365 Users

All Faculty and Staff email is now be delivered to Office 365 mailboxes.  To log into your Office 365 mailbox, point your browser to http://www.ric.edu/technology/webmail_clip_image001.gifhttps://login.microsoftonline.com/.

If you have not activated your Office 365 account, please visit http://www.ric.edu/toolbox/office_365/migration.htm

For more information about Office 365 please visit http://www.ric.edu/uss/office365.php

Page last updated: Wednesday, June 1, 2016