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Teaching English as a Second Language at RIC

Better Serve Emergent Bilingual Students in your Classroom and School​​​


Master of Education in TESL Addresses a Growing Need

As the number of English-language learners in Rhode Island rises, RIC is working to increase the number of teachers prepared to teach English as a second language. Read more...

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M.Ed. in TESL Admission Requirements

TESOL Professionals work in a variety of settings inside and outside the United States. Work in Rhode Island or work anywhere in the world where students of all ages are learning English as an additional language. Our program prepares you to teach ESL to children, adolescents and/or adults and, for K-12 practitioners, assists you in obtaining the ESL certificate. With a masters degree in TESL you are stating that you embrace the beautiful linguistic and cultural diversity of our state and nation and are prepared to support English Language learners in their acquisition of their new language. If you look at the profiles of some of our recent graduates you will see that they span this range of professional experience. Our program is state-of-the-art and taught by a combination of college faculty (researchers, authors in the field) and classroom practitioners.​​​​​​​

Page last updated: January 11, 2018