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Understanding & Building Your Course
Communicating & Collaborating
Assessing Learners
Understanding & Building Your Course
1. Working in the Course Environment
1.1 Your Course Environment
1.2 Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course (Entry Point)
1.3 Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point
1.4 Creating a Blank Page (for displaying content) on the Course Menu
1.5 Adding an Avatar to Personalize Your Course Environment
2. Building Course Content
2.1 Using the Text Editor
2.2 Editing the Course Home Page
2.3 Building a Learning Module
2.4 Creating a Lesson Plan
2.5 Adding a Glossary Term
2.6 Adding Textbook Information to Your Course
2.7 Creating a Blank Page
2.8 Adding NBC Archives Video Content
2.9 Creating a Tool Link
2.10 Adding a URL
2.11 Creating a Mashup
2.12 Attaching Course Files to a Content Item
2.13 Tour the Course Files Feature
2.14 Adding Your Own Web Content Through Course Files
2.15 Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item
3. Setting Permissions
3.1 Turning Tool Availability On and Off
3.2 Making Tools Available to Students
4. Reporting and Course Utilities
4.1 Turning On Statistics Tracking for a Content Item
4.2 Running a Report of All User Activity
4.3 Running a Report of User Activity by Forum
4.4 Running a Report a User Activity by Content Area
4.5 Running a Report of User Activity by Group
4.6 Saving a Course Report
4.7 Importing a Course Package
Communicating & Collaborating
5. Using the Discussion Board
5.1 Grading Discussion Board Forum
5.2 Grading a Discussion Board Thread
6. Managing Group Work
6.1 Creating a Group
Assessing Learners
7. Grade Center
7.1 Customizing the Grade Center View
7.2 Creating Smart Views
7.3 Creating a Grade Rule
7.4 Viewing Grade Details
7.5 Anonymous Grading
7.6 Creating Grading Notes
7.7 Creating a Grade Center Report
7.8 Creating a Grading Rubric
7.9 Grading Assessments Question by Question
7.10 Viewing and Downloading Grade History
7.11 Color Code the Grade Center
7.12 Working Offline with the Grade Center
8. Test, Surveys, and Pools
8.1 Creating a Test
8.2 Reading Survey Results
8.3 Tour the Question Finder Feature
8.4 Reading Survey Submissions
8.5 Exporting and importing a Test or Survey
8.6 Uploading Test Questions from Microsoft Excel
8.7 Creating a Fill in the Blank Question
8.8 Creating a Short Answer Question
8.9 Creating a Matching Question
8.10 Creating a True or False Question
8.11 Adding an Existing Question to a Test
8.12 Creating a Calculated Formula Question
8.13 Creating a Calculated Numeric Question
8.14 Creating an Essay Question
8.15 Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Questions
8.16 Creating a Hot Spot Question
8.17 Creating a Jumbled Question
8.18 Creating a Likert Question
8.19 Creating a Multiple Answer Question
8.20 Creating a Multiple Choice Question
8.21 Creating an Ordering Question
8.22 Creating a Quiz Bowl Question
8.23 Tagging Questions for Reuse
8.24 Building a Pool
8.25 Creating a Random Block and Adding it to a Test
9. Assignments
9.1 Using SafeAssign
9.2 Downloading Assignments
9.3 Clean Out Graded Assignments Files
10. Student Performance
10.1 Performance Dashboard
10.2 Sending Notifications

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