Blackboard Upgrade

Blackboard Upgrade to SAAS


IS will be moving Blackboard from our current Blackboard Managed Hosting deployment to a Blackboard Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment.

Blackboard will be down for beginning on May 9 at 6PM until May 13th at 11PM (5 days).

With this move, Blackboard will experience a much better environment with zero downtime for updates and improved service and uptime.

Will this affect my current course?

There will be NO CHANGE in Blackboard functionality after the move and your classes and access will remain exactly as they have been before.

For current Spring instructors: You will not have access to Blackboard between May 9th and May 15th. Official grades are due on May 9th in MyRIC. Blackboard courses will be archived by the Host during down-time and fully restored when the new system comes online, however if you are unable to complete your grading by the 9th we highly recommend you do the following no later than May 9th 6pm:

  1. Try to turn in grades on time or follow these directions to download your GradeBook for Offline viewing during the planned outage.
  2. Export a local archive of your course(s).
    Your students will not have access to submit late assignments via the LMS during the outage, so please arrange for alternative submission of late assignments.

Summer I instructors: Those teaching summer I classes need to have the summer classes ready before May 9th as the semester begins the day after Blackboard come back online. To accommodate that, we have made summer classes available so that instructors have plenty of time to develop their classes. If you need any help developing a class please contact the helpdesk at

Will Blackboard look the same?

Yes, the look and functionality will stay the same with the exception of some new features, which you can learn more about below.

What are the new features in SAAS?

New Blackboard Features

File Management

file management SAAS new feature

Submission Confirmation

submission confirmation

The submission confirmation is also emailed to the student.

submission email confirmation

Grade Center


Grade Center Reminder

Delete Multiple Columns at Once

Grade Center Delete Multiple Columns  Grade Center Delete Multiple Columns

Discussion Board - Reply To Me Filter

Form thread overview page

Reply to me filter

Record Attendance

Record Attendance

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