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Blackboard SP12 Upgrade

Introduction to Blackboard for faculty   Win MAC

Blackboard Faculty Quick Guide

Introduction to the FDR (Faculty Data Repository)  Win   MAC

Blackboard Mobile Learn 3.0

Blackboard Spring course Cleaning Reminder

Making Your Blackboard Courses Accessible to Students with Disabilities

Show Your Course Menu

Adding a "fake student" in Blackboard - WIN   MAC  PDF

How to Install the Previous Version of Java - PDF


Getting Started   Migrate Previous Blackboard Course
What is Blackboard?/Browser & Plug Ins   1. Request a BB Course
Request a Blackboard Course   2. Moving Your BB Course from Last Semester & cleaning up the course files area
Blackboard Faculty Quick Guide   3. Course Menu Cleanup
BB Login Procedures   4. (Optional) Checking Your Course File Size
Designing Your Course
Crosslisting Courses in Blackboard    
How to Request for Faculty Access to Your Course    
BB Training and Documentation   Helpful Links
BB Training Schedule   RIC BB Tips and Tricks Blog
BB Documentation   Archiving Your Course
Course Menu   Backing Up Your Course
Creating Content Areas for Content   Backing Up and Importing Your Course into a New Course Shell
Creating Content in a Content Area   *RIC BB Tips and Tricks Blog
Course Files   *BB Best Practices for Course Design
Course Tools    
Test, Survey, and Pools    
Respondus Tests/LockDown Browser    
Controlling the Release of Content (Adaptive Release)    
Grade Center    
User and Groups    
Student Performance    
Tabs and Modules    
Multimedia, Storage, iClicker and web>clicker    
BB Video Tutorials    
* - This link will bring you over to the Blackboard Documentation SharePoint portal which requires authentication. When you login, you must use ric\ prefix before your network username.

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Blackboard Login Procedures

Your Blackboard courses are located at


Blackboard ID: Is the same ID you use to log into RIConnect
Password: Is the same Password you use to for your Network/Email Account


If you are a student at RIC your login is exactly
the same as your Network/Email Account.

Student Network Account Example:

Name: John Smith
Birthday: August 22, 2003
Student ID Number: 1234567
SSN: 000-00-1234

Your login would be :

Blackboard ID : jsmith_4567
(first initial, last name, and last four digit of your Student ID number)
Password : aug221234
(first 3 letters of the month you're born, day of birth, and last four digits of your SSN)

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