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Respondus Tests/LockDown Browser White Papers and Videos

Creating Tests with Respondus

Respondus LockDown Browser

Students can now also use Respondus Lockdown browser with the iPad. For more information you can access the knowledge article here:

Important: We don't recommend that students take online tests/quizzes using their mobile devices.

-- The white papers are saved as .pdf files for compatibility issues. -- White Paper Camtasia Video
1. Creating Tests with Respondus    
2.9 Creating a Test Using Respondus Download Win MAC
2.10 Publishing a Respondus File to Blackboard 9 Download Win MAC
2.11 Using the Respondus Exam Wizard Download Win MAC
2.12 Importing an Exam to Respondus Download Win MAC
2.13 Formatting Your Document for Respondus Download Win MAC
2.14 Using the Respondus Archive Wizard Download Win MAC
2.15 Convert a Respondus File to a Text File Download Win MAC
2.16 How to Print and Save Your Blackboard Tests Download  
Note: Download Respondus Software    
Click here to gain access to Respondus licensing information (Linked to the Blackboard Documentation SharePoint site. You will need to enter in your RIC network username and password. [Note: Make sure that you include ric\ in front of your username].)    
2. Respondus LockDown Browser    
3.1 Installing the Respondus Lockdown Browser Download Win MAC
3.2 Preparing an Exam for the Respondus Lockdown Browser Download Win MAC
3.3 Instructor Quick Start Guide from Respondus Download  
3.4 How do students use the Repondus Lockdown Browser *Download *Win MAC
3.5 How to Make the LockDown Browser Available in Course Download Win MAC
3.6 Respondus LockDown Browser-Instructor Admin-Guide    
3.7 Respondus LockDown Browser-Student Guide    
Download Respondus LockDown Browser

* - White paper and video was done by Repondus and the videos requires Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine.

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