HBS E-Classroom Equipment Support

HBS E-Classroom Equipment

1. General Topics

1.1 Controlling the Lights in Room

1.2 Changing the Batteries in the Gyration Mouse

1.3 Using the USB Ports on the Sympodium ID370

1.4 Moving the Tables in HBS Rooms

1.5 How to Lecture Capture in One of the HSB STEM Rooms

2. Crestron Panel

2.1 Classroom Access Control -- Using the Main Menu Presets

2.2 How to Blank Your Screen

3. Tandberg Video Conferencing

3.1 Training Quick Sheet

3.2 Remote Control Guide

3.3 Making a Conference Call in HBS 215

3.4 Sending Your PowerPoint Presentation to the Far End

3.5 Controlling the Far End Camera

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4. AverVision SPB370 Document Camera

41 Using the AverVision SPB370 Document Camera

4.2 Transferring Captured Images to the Instructor PC

5. Tablet PC

5.1 Connecting Your Tablet PC Wirelessly to the Projector in HBS Rooms

6. SMART Technology

7. HBS 221

7.1 Quick Guide on How to Send a Source over to the Projectors

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