STEM II Room Equipment Support


1. General Topics

1.1 Controlling the Lights in Room

1.2 Where do I Plug in My USB Flash Drive

1.3 Changing the HP Tablet Resolution and Orientation

2. Crestron Panel

2.1 Classroom Access Control -- Using the Main Menu Presets

2.2 How to Blank Your Screen

2.3 How Do You Play Your PowerPoint Presentation

2.4 How to Annotate the Source Image by Using the Crestron Panel

2.5 How Do I Just Project the Document Camera over to the One Screen

2.6 How to Send Different Sources to the Left and Right Projector

2.7 How Do I Connect My Laptop to the Crestron Panel

2.8 How Do I Play My VCR Tape

3. Tandberg Video Conferencing

Note: At this screen, you may see four buttons or two buttons. If you�re in Fogarty Life Science 050/108/209 and Clark Science 125/128, and Henry Barnard School 215, you will have a dedicated Tandberg video conference unit plugged into the Crestron system. However, if you�re in any other STEM room, you would need to wheel in the portable Tandberg video conference unit and plug it in the wall mount either at the front or rear of the room.

3.1 Training Quick Sheet

3.2 Remote Control Guide

3.3 Making a Conference Call in HBS 215

3.4 Sending Your PowerPoint Presentation to the Far End

3.5 Controlling the Far End Camera

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4. AverVision SPB370 Document Camera

41 Using the AverVision SPB370 Document Camera

4.2 Transferring Captured Images to the Instructor PC

4.3 How to Capture Your Document Camera Images to the SD Card

5. Connecting Your Laptop to the Projector Wirelessly

5.1 Connecting Your PC Laptop to the Projector Wirelessly

6. SMART Technologies

7. SMARTBoard

7.1 How to Use the SMARTBoard and Sympodium Pens to Annotate in Microsoft Applications

7.2 How to Use the SMARTBoard and Sympodium Pens to Annotate in Non Microsoft Applications

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