SharePoint Designer 2007 Support


Many of these white papers deal with adding and modifying components in a SharePoint site using SharePoint Designer 2007.

1. Building or Maintaining Web Sites

1.1 The New FrontPage -- SharePoint Designer 2007

1.2 Create a New One Page Site

1.3 Creating a New Page Based on an Existing Page

1.4 Creating an ASP Net Page

1.5 Creating a Hyperlink to Your New ASP

1.6 Saving a New Page as a ASPX Page

1.7 Creating a Cascading Style Sheet in SharePoint Designer 2007

1.8 How to Modify Style Sheets in SharePoint Designer 2007

2. Administering a SharePoint Site

2.1 Getting started in creating a SharePoint Site with MS Designer

2.2 Adding a Web Part and Modifying Web Part Properties

2.3 Attaching a Master Page to a New Page containing Web Part Zones and Web Parts

2.4 Creating a Hyperlink to Your New ASP in Your SharePoint Site

2.5 Creating a List View Page

2.6 Creating a List View Web Part

2.7 Creating a Web Part Page by Using a Browser

2.8 Creating a Wiki Page Library

2.9 Creating New Pages from a Master Page

2.10 Customizing a List View Web Part

2.11 Deleting a Web Page

2.12 How to Create a Site Template from a New Site in SharePoint Designer 2007

2.13 Inserting a Web Part Zone

2.14 Modifying a built-in List View Page

2.15 How to Create Contributor Groups Using SharePoint Designer 2007

2.16 How to Create a New Document Library in SharePoint Designer 2007

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