Movie Maker Support


1. Getting Started

1.1 Creating a New Folder within the Collections Folder

1.2 How to Import Your Video in Movie Maker

1.3 How to Import Your Audio in Movie Maker

1.4 How to Import Your Pictures in Movie Maker

1.5 Deleting Out Video Clips from the Content Pane

1.6 Renaming Clips in the Content Pane

1.7 Dragging & Rearranging Video Clips on the Timeline

1.8 Dragging Video Clips Between Clips on the Timeline and Storyboard

1.9 Working with Videos in Windows Movie Maker

1.10 How to Split Video Clip in the Contents Pane

1.11 Inserting Pictures into the Timeline

1.12 Creating a Movie with Pictures in Windows Movie Maker

1.13 Adding Titles in Movie Maker

1.14 Placing a Title on the Selected Clip

1.15 Placing Closing Credits at the End of Your Video

1.16 Working with Video Effects in Movie Maker

1.17 Adding and Removing Video Effects

1.18 Working with Transitions in Movie Maker

1.19 Working with Background Audio in Movie Maker

1.20 Muting and Turning Down the Audio

1.21 Saving Your Project

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