STEM Alerts and Announcements


FLS 108

The touch panel in FLS 108 is broken. We have set up a remote laptop in the room (on the desk) to control the equipment in the room. NOTE that this laptop is to control the equipment only! You will NOT be able to see any computer preview on its screen. You will need to get your preview/orientation by looking at the projection screen itself. There is no other way, until this unit gets fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any problems, please call ext. 8803. Also, please do not shut down the laptop.

CS 125

David Toms (User Support Services) was able get the screen to drop off of the roller. It's no longer "hung up." However, the "down limit" and "up limit" for the screen is off. The screen comes down too low. You will need to slightly adjust your projected image by using the manual switch on the wall (to the right of the podium). Know also that we still don't know how the screen hung up in the first place. It still needs work and adjustment. We'll keep you posted. If you have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting the HelpDesk at 456-8803 or

New STEM II Videos Now Available

To gain access to the new STEM II videos, click here.

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