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At Rhode Island College, most electronic classrooms and teaching labs are equipped with multimedia equipment to enhance teaching and learning. Currently, the College has nearly 200 electronic classrooms distributed across the campus. We group the electronic classrooms and labs by levels to help identify the type of equipment in each room. We currently have 5 levels (0-4). There are also five auditorium facilities which are equipped with multimedia and other technology-related equipment. We ask you to assist us by reserving electronic classrooms only when you intend to use the special equipment on a regular basis.

Video Index

  1. Helpful E-Classroom/E-Labs Videos
  2. Level 4 STEM - Henry Barnard School Room Videos
  3. HBS 221 Room Videos
  4. Level 3 STEM II Room Videos

1. Helpful E-Classroom/E-Lab Videos

1.1. Level 0 E-Classroom - Video

1.2. Level 1 E-Classroom Analog Black Cabinet - Video coming soon

1.3. level 1 E-Classroom Digital Black Cabinet  - Video

1.4. Level 2 E-Classroom Alger Podium -  *Video

1.5. Level 3 STEM II - *Video

*Note: The Stream Video link will only work off campus.

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2. Level 4 STEM - Henry Barnard School Room Videos

2.1. General Topics

2.1.1. Classroom Access Control

2.1.2. Overview of the HBS rooms

2.1.3. Classroom Lighting

2.1.4. How to log onto the instructor computer

2.1.5. How to use the instructor computer for presentation

2.1.6. How to use your laptop or tablet for presentation

2.1.7. What you'll find in the instructor equipment rack

2.1.8. How to play a DVD or VHS tape in the DVD/VCR combo unit

2.1.9. How to use the instructor PC and the document camera in dual screen mode

2.1.10. Using the "Main" button on the Crestron panel

2.1.11. Using the Crestron panel to change the lighting in your classroom

2.1.12. Using the Crestron panel to adjust the volume of your output's audio

2.1.13. Brief explanation of the Advanced button

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2.2. Video Conferencing

2.2.1. Setting the presentation type to be dual screen w/ conferencing

2.2.2. Dialing the far end's IP address

2.2.3. Sending your PowerPoint presentation to the far end

2.2.4. Stopping the sharing of your PowerPoint presentation to the far end

2.2.5. Stopping the video conference

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2.3. Lecture Capturing

2.3.1. Who Accordent is and What to Expect for AV Capturing in the HBS Rooms

2.3.2. Setting Up Your Lecture Capture Session

2.3.3. Playing Back Your Lecture Capture

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2.4. Tablet

2.4.1. Connecting Your Tablet/Laptop with Vista Wirelessly to Projector

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2.5. SMART Technology

2.5.1. How to Connect the SMART Flat-Panel to Your Tablet or Lapotop

2.5.2. How to Orient the SMART Flat-Panel

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3. HBS 221 Room Videos

3.1. General Topics

3.1.1. Equipment orientation for HBS 221 - Win  MAC

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4. Level 3 STEM II Room Videos

4.1. General Topics

4.1.1. How do you play your PowerPoint presentation - Win  MAC

4.1.2. Where do I plug my USB flash drive - Win  MAC

4.1.3. Playing a DVD or VCR movie - Win MAC

4.1.4. How to Send Different Sources to the Left and Right Projector - Win MAC

4.1.5. How to Blank the Screen - Win MAC

4.1.6. How to Project the Document Camera on the Screen - Win MAC

4.1.7. How to connect your laptop (PC) wirelessly to the projector - Win MAC

4.1.8. How to project the information on the whiteboard on the screen - Win MAC

4.1.9. *How to project the Instructor PC on the SMARTBoard - Win MAC

4.1.10. *How to Orient the SMARTBoard - Win MAC

4.1.11. *Making Annotations on the SMARTBoard - Win MAC

4.1.12. Using the Motorized WhiteBoards in FLS 050 and CS 125/128 - Win MAC

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*Gaige 253/257 and Horace Mann 185/186/189/190 have a mounted SMARTBoard in the front of the room. Over on the second floor of Henry Barnard School, you will find one portable SMARTBoard that can be wheeled in one of the STEM rooms (HBS 205/212/214/215). You will need a laptop to plug into the portable unit. If you don't have a laptop and you want to use the portable SMARTBoard, you can call the HelpDesk at 456-8803 to reserve a laptop for your class.

Click here for additional white papers that show you how to use equipment in the HBS e-classrooms.