Level 4A Classroom


Windows 7

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Hardware Summary

HBS Instructor Desk



Dell Computer
Windows Operating System
Front USB Ports
Front Headphone Port
Front Mic Port

The computer located in the equipment rack.

Log on to the instructor PC with the hbfaculty account

HBS Camera
Camera for video conferencing and lecture capturing
HBS chairs 
Chairs are on wheels
HBS Crestron Panel 
Crestron Panel which controls many of the technology located in this room.

Basic Menu Presets

 HBS Desk Cables

You can plug your laptop or tablet at the instructor desk. In the black compartment, you'll find the VGA, audio, and network cables.
HBS Document Camera SPB370
AverMedia SPB370 Document Camera

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HBS Gyration Mouse Gyration Mouse
HBS Gyration Mouse Extra Battery
Gyration Mouse extra battery

Click here to learn how to replace your gyration battery
HBS Gyration Keyboard 
Gyration Keyboard
HBS Lecturn 
Lectern located at the front of the room
HBS Front Light Panel Panel Light Panel
HBS near door

Click here to learn how to control the room lights
HBS NEC Projector 
You will find two NEC projectors in this room. You're able to project two different sources at the same time or project the same source on both projectors.
HBS tables
HBS tables on wheels
Tables have wheels on one side so that you can move them around the room.
HBS Instructor Equipment Rack
Instructor equipment rack. You'll find the following equipment in the rack:
1. Fan
2. Dell PC
3. Furman Conditioner with on board lights
4. DVD/VHS combo
HBS Sympodium ID370
Sympodium ID370

Click here for learn more about this technology
HBS wall ports
Wall ports
HBS USB Ports Left HBS USB Ports Right
USB ports to plug in your flash drives are located on the bottom left and right of the Sympodium ID 370.

JBL Ceiling Speakers
How to Lecture Capture in HBS 205, 212, 214, and 215


Additional white papers that show you how to use equipment in the STEM HBS rooms

Training Videos

E-Classroom Instructions
STEM I Instructions
STEM I instructions
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