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What is Chalk & Wire?
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What is Chalk & Wire?

Chalk & Wire is an online program that allows users to create electronic portfolios. These portfolios can contain a wide variety of information and media, which can then be assessed by other users. From these assessments, reports can be generated in order to tabulate data on the institution level.

One of the main uses for Chalk & Wire here at RIC will be for submitting Observation Reports and Teacher Candidate Work Samples for Student Teaching, however Chalk & Wire can potentially be used for specific classes.

Login page for Chalk & Wire

If you have any technical questions about Chalk & Wire, please contact technical support at

Chalk & Wire Login Procedures

All faculty will be provided with a Chalk & Wire account. These accounts will be provided to you at no cost. If you need assistance with your account, or if you would like to request an account to use for your course, contact technical support at

How do Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers Assess Their Student Assessments

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How Can I Learn How to Use Chalk & Wire

We offer face-to-face workshops on a regular basis. These workshops tend to take place at the beginning of each semester, and the FSEHD sends out information regarding these workshops as they occur.

Additional information on Chalk & Wire workshops

Chalk & Wire guides are available through MindTouch. You can access these guides by logging into Chalk & Wire and clicking Help -> User Guide. Here are some quick links to some of the more common processes:

Guides for Assessors

Guides for Sub-Administrators and Program Coordinators

Chalk & Wire's entire User Guide

You can contact technical support at to meet one-on-one and go over any technical issues you have.

Student Teaching Information

Additional information on Chalk & Wire for Student Teaching