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Chalk & Wire Login Procedures
Assessing Your Student Work
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Chalk & Wire Login Procedures

Log into Chalk and Wire by going to

 If you need assistance with your account, or if you would like to request an account to use for your course, contact technical support at


Assessing Your Student Work

Assessing Your Student Pending Assessments - Video

Accessing Pending Assessments - Guide

Reviewing Assessment Interface - Guide

Assessing and Commenting on Instrument - Guide


If you have scored scored each criterion but you don't want to release the score to your teacher candidate, then you need to click on the "Save as draft" button.

save as draft

Why does it say that my assessment is a draft?


Students needing to upload video to their Student Observations

The video file needs to be smaller than 500MB per uploading the file into Chalk and Wire.

The link below provides a guide that walks the user through the steps of compressing the file into an acceptable format and file size. If the file is still too large when choosing the settings recommended in the help page, a smaller resolution should be chosen.

How to Compress a Video to Reduce the File Size on Your Desktop Computer

In step 3 within the above "How to Compress a Video to Reduce the File Size on Your Desktop Computer" guide, we recommend that you use the "Fast 480p30" preset.

Handbrake Preset Fast 480p30

Download Handbrake

Team Conference

How to Create a Workspace and the Workspace Portfolio for the Team Conference

College Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers Adding Comments to Uploaded Video


Chalk and Wire Support

Technical Support

You can contact technical support at to meet one-on-one and go over any technical issues you have.

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